All Good Things…


I want to thank all of you who were strong supporters of “New 2 Tats” over the past 4 years.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to write about the fantastic medium of body art.

It was started as a labor of love as I embraced a newly discovered love of tattoos.  I liked sharing my own views on ink, as well as sharing examples of the far-reaching impact of tattoos.  My goal was to show how their mainstream acceptance had removed a lot of the previous taboos about body art.  In doing so, I looked to show examples of how important tattoos can be to the people that have them (sharing examples of my own tattoos along the way).

Alas, life happens.  Work and other events have prevented me from regularly updating “New 2 Tats”.  I wish I was able to write more features at this time, but I am not able to.  So, after having reached the milestone of 1 million page views and having written over 250 features, I have decided the time has finally come to officially announce the end of “New 2 Tats” as an active blog.

All the features that I have previously written will continue to be available for all to view.  It is also possible, somewhere down the road, that I may return to writing this blog.  However, to be fair to all those who have loyally followed “New 2 Tats”, I felt it necessary to make this statement.

I do hope I get to share more with you in the future.  However, if that is not to be, it has been a fun ride for the past 4 years.

Keep showing your tattoo love.


New 2 Tats


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