I just joined the ranks of the “Tattoo Club” this past January 12th, at the age of 35, after a lifetime of disliking ink.  As you might imagine, this change has been liberating.  It has freed me from unnecessarily negative opinions while also opening my eyes to this great art form.  This blog is going chronicle my journey, as well views on ink from an unconventional point of view.  I hope you enjoy it.

(Please read my “Tattoo Manifesto” page to get learn about my full journey)


This blog is a labor of love.  I do not make any money from it, nor do I seek to.  I just finding tattoos to be such a fascinating topic that the free exchange of ideas make this such a fun topic to write about.  All images used are from public internet searches.  If I have accidentally used a copyrighted image of yours, please notify me (along a form of verification of ownership) of whether you would like me to add a credit or take it down.  I will gladly comply with either.


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