Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Surfer Girl Edition): Kelia Moniz

KMoniz_Pic03   Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a surfer in Hawaii (and they all seem to live in Hawaii).  It seems so calm and peaceful.  To be able to spend your days with the sand between your toes and taking on some righteous waves seems positively zen.  However, unless you are independently wealthy from an inheritance or Powerball win, living that life does require quite a bit of effort.

KMoniz_Pic02    Kelia Moniz is the another in a long line of female surfers (I have already featured Coco Ho) who go after that dream life with a commitment and devotion that people usually don’t put forth in other walks of life.  Sure, surfing carries the appeal of sun, sand and waves.  But, dedication and professionalism is what makes that life succeed.  Kelia lives that life because she puts that effort forth all the time.


(credit: Ryan Heywood)

Kelia has grown up in the tropical paradise of the Hawaii.  The Asian-Irish beauty found her first waves at the age of 5.  She grew up in a household of brothers who also love to surf.  Oh, and just as a side note, her father was a former professional surfer.  So, it can easily be said that sun and saltwater are in Kelia’s blood.

ASP World Surfing Awards

Kelia showing off her hardware

Kelia’s commitment to her craft has already yielded quite a bit of success.  At just 21 years of age, Kelia just recently captured her second straight world title in the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).

KMoniz_Pic05KMoniz_Pic04     In addition to being an incredibly accomplished surfer, Kelia is a highly sought after model.  Her stunning beauty, with her healthy body image athletic physique, make her a natural in front of the camera.  (That wondrous smile doesn’t hurt, either 😉  ).


Chilling with Selena Gomez.

Kelia is right at home on the surfboard, as well as in full makeup on camera.  Her appeal has the potential to make her an athletic, and pop culture, superstar in the coming years.  It’s a sure bet that her surfing titles with grow well beyond the two she has so far.

(credit:  Christa Renee)

(credit: Christa Renee)

It goes without saying that, even with her athletic accomplishments and natural beauty, Kelia would not be featured here if it wasn’t for her appreciation of body art.  At the current time, she has been spotted with two small tattoos.

Kelia’s first tattoo in a small heart on the outside of her right wrist (not unlike the one British singer Foxes has)


KMoniz_Tat01Her other tattoo is the Roman numeral VII (7) on her left forearm.  I don’t know its significance, but it is definitely cute.

KMoniz_Tat02    I suspect we will see more ink from Kelia over time.  She seems to like tattoos; they are popular in the surfing community; and Kelia’s Irish heritage gives her a wealth of wonderful designs to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kelia, check these sites:

Official website:












Hottie Ink Update (Big Mama Stef Edition): Stefanie Dolson

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic01   2014 has been a big year for ‘Big Mama Stef’ (Stefanie Dolson’s alias).  When I wrote my first feature on Stefanie, she had just led the Connecticut Huskies to their second straight National Championship in basketball over Notre Dame.  Less than a week later, she was selected #6 overall in the WNBA Draft by the Washington Mystics (and joined a little later by her teammate, Seattle Storm #7 pick, Bria Hartley, who was immediately traded to Washington).

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic02    A little later that summer, she joined her teammates from both UConn Men’s and Women’s championship squads at the White House to be honored by President Barack Obama.  Visits to the White House seem to always be an adventure for Stefanie.  After the 2013 title, she humorously gave President Obama a set of bunny ears.  In 2014, she found the stand behind the President a little too crowded and fell off.  She quickly recovered and, while turning bright red, had a good laugh about it with Obama.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic03     Once the WNBA season started, Stefanie proved to be a strong player off the bench, averaging 6 points per game and helping lead the Mystics to the playoffs.  The highlight of her season is was a triple-overtime game against Los Angeles Sparks, where she recorded her first career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds).  After the Mystics were eliminated, Stefanie began extensively traveling as part of USA Basketball, gaining many new friends and chronicling the experience on social media.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic04    2014 also showed off Stefanie’s growing love of body art, as she added two more to her collection.  No one can ever say that Stefanie does not put a lot of thought and consideration into her tattoos.  Her first two, which I covered in her first feature, were stars on her foot that she got along with her sisters and a Fleur-de-lis on her ankle to commemorate the 2013 National Championship, which UConn won in New Orleans.

Not wanting to play favorites with her National Championships, Stefanie got the Roman Numerals ‘IV-VIII-MMXIV’ etched on her left forearm.  This is for April 8th, 2014, the day UConn defeated Notre Dame to win the 2014 National Championship.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat01    Sadly, Stefanie experienced the loss of her grandma over the summer.  Stefanie used tattoos as a touching way to express how important she was to her.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat02   It is really refreshing to have a such a fun-loving (and ink-loving) person like Big Mama Stef as a part of the D.C. sports scene.  Hopefully, she will be here for a long time and help bring the Mystics the same kind of glory as the Huskies.

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Athlete Tattoo of the Day (2014 ESPN Body Issue Surfer Edition): Coco Ho

Coco_Ho_Pic07    Each year, when “ESPN The Magazine” releases its popular “Body Issue”, controversy ensues.  Some people have problems with what they claim is the ‘objectification’ of the nude body.  Others have issues with some of the selections for the “Body Issue” (this year, there was much debate about the inclusion of Prince Fielder).  The point that gets missed in each of these complaints is that the “Body Issue” is not about lasciviousness.  It is about showing the beauty of the human form in all shapes and sizes.  It helps to debunk the myths about ‘body type’ that popular culture tries to keep afloat.

(credit:  ESPN)

(credit: ESPN)

One way that the “Body Issues” helps debunk these myths is by showing athletes proudly showing off their body art.  There is no one ‘type’ of person who gets tattoos in this day and age.  All ‘types’ of people enjoy getting inked.  The “Body Issue” helps illustrated this.  In the 2014 issue, one of the featured athletes is the beautiful Hawaiian surfer, Coco Ho.


Coco becoming a world-class professional surfer has pretty much been her birthright.  ‘Hanging ten’ has been a family tradition.  Her father, Michael Ho, won the Hawaiian Triple Crown of surfing back in 1982 (Duke Classic, World Cup and Pipe Masters).  Her uncle, Derek Ho, won the World Surfing Championship in 1993.  Even her older brother, Mason Ho, has been a champion at the junior level.  On top of all this, Coco and her family are also related to famous singer, Don Ho (of “Tiny Bubbles” fame).

Coco_Ho_Pic04     With that kind of family background, it would come us no surprise that Coco started surfing at the young age of 7.  Just a year later, at 8 years old, she secured her first surfing sponsorship.  When she was 11, she made her acting debut in popular surfing film “Blue Crush”.  She portrayed the main character, Anne Marie (played as an adult by Kate Bosworth), as a child.  When she turned 17, Coco qualified for the high-end Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s World Championship Tour.

Coco_Ho_Pic01    Currently ranked the #7 female surfer in the world, Coco has accrued numerous victories on the waves.  Before she joined the ASP Tour in 2009, she won events like the Open Women’s Regional Hawaii and the Hawaii Billabong Junior.  She is a ‘Rookie of the Year’ twice over:  winning it once on the Triple Crown Tour and then again on the ASP Tour.  As a professional, she has won the Maresia Girls International, the World Qualifying and Los Cabos Open of Surf (among others).  Coco has also, regularly, been in the top 3 of Surfer Magazine’s most popular surfers poll.

Coco_Ho_Pic02     In her interview for the ESPN “Body Issue”, which can watched here, Coco describes how she totally fell in love with surfing when her dad took her to the waves when she was in the third grade.  When Coco is not catching a ‘good set’, she spends time volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.  She also uses social media to help motivate and encourage young girls to strive for great things while being comfortable and confident with who they are.


(credit: ESPN)

Coco definitely has a love of body art.  Already she has two tattoos.  Her first represents her strong faith.  It is a little cross on the top of her right hand.


(note: This is a mirror-image photo, which is why the tattoo looks like it is on her left hand)

Her other tattoo is just below her left ankle.  It is a script design that reads “Forever For Family”, obviously emphasizing how important family is to her.

Coco_Ho_Tat05Coco_Ho_Tat06Coco_Ho_Tat01Coco_Ho_Tat03Coco_Ho_Tat02You can find out more about Coco on her official website:

You can get your social media fix on these sites:



Athlete Tattoo of the Day (UFC 175 Edition): Alexis Davis

(credit:  Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

(credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

If people wanted to (and I’m sure there are some who do), they could chide UFC president, Dana White’s, introduction of a women’s division as a ratings ploy and nothing more.  To do so would be woefully inaccurate.  For years, White resisted letting women fight in the top Mixed Martial Arts division for precisely that reason.  However, with growing success of female fighters like Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate and Alexis Davis, he was able to add these fighters to the UFC roster in a way that had valid legitimacy, rather than looking like a stunt.

AlexisDavis_Pic07     One major achievement in the women’s division occurred in UFC 170, when Ronda Rousey’s title bout against Sara McMann was the headlining fight of the promotion.  Now, as we approach UFC 175, Alexis Davis is getting her shot at taking the title from Rousey (It should be noted that this will also be the 4th UFC appearance for each).


Alexis and her mother

Davis has been inspired to be a fighter from her earliest days.  As a child, Alexis was captivated by the elaborate martial arts athleticism of actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  It would come as no surprise that Alexis grappled on her high school wrestling team.  As a teen, she got involved in martial arts.  When she turned 18, she started training in Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


posing with fans

Once she was in her early 20’s, Davis started the process of climbing the rungs in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.  In 2007, she lost her debut fight in the UCW promotion to Sarah Kaufman (another fighter who would later appear in UFC).  These early years saw Alexis fight her way through a variety of different, lower-level promotions (like TKO, ECC, FFF and RW).  During this time, she racked up an impressive 9-4 record.

AlexisDavis_Pic04    2011 saw Alexis jump up to the next tier in the MMA world.  She began fighting in higher profile promotions like Strikeforce and Invicta.  At this level, Davis achieved a 4-1 record.  Alas, her lone defeat came at the hands, once again, of Sarah Kaufman (I predict Dana White will want to bring these two together in the Octagon for UFC at some point).  During this time, Mixed Martial Arts provided not only professional success, but personal fulfillment as well.  In 2012, she met Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, Flavio Meier.  In the course of their training together, they fell in love and, a year later, got married in Meier’s native Rio De Janeiro.

AlexisDavis_Pic02    In early 2013, Davis became one of first group of women fighters to sign with UFC (Rousey being the first from the previous November).  Thus far, it has been nothing but success for Davis.  She grabbed unanimous decisions against Rosi Sexton and Liz Carmouche before taking a well-fought split decision win against Jessica Eye in UFC 170 (the same event that Rousey-McMann headlined).  While UFC 175 will have gone into the history books by the time most of you read this article, regardless of the winner, it is providing another great showcase for the compelling women’s division in UFC.

AlexisDavis_Pic01   Athletes, in general, and fighters, in particular, love getting body art.  Alexis Davis is no different.  She has a couple of very large, visually impressive tattoos on her body.  One is black-and-white unicorn design on her lower left torso.  The other is an elaborately colorful floral design running across her shoulders.


(credit:  Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

(credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

AlexisDavis_Tat03AlexisDavis_Tat01You can find more about Alexis’ fighting profile here:

And, as always, you can find her on Twitter at:



MaximHot100_2014It is that time of year again, not just when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love, but also when Maxim Magazine graces the screens and mailboxes of hot-blooded celebrity fans with its annual Hot 100 Sexiest Women edition.  You read Maxim’s full feature online here:

One of the enjoyable aspects of the Hot 100 list is that it gives “New 2 Tats” a chance to pay special attention to those beauties who have embraced to wonderful world of permanent body art.

The 2012 list came out a month before I first launched this blog.  So, 2013 was the first chance to run a feature like this.  In 2013, the “New 2 Tats” article was able to highlight 15 lovely ladies who had been featured on this blog for proudly showing how attractive and fitting tattoos can be.

As the 2014 list arrived, I was convinced that there would be more than 15 to feature this time.  Alas, the number has dropped to 14.  5 of the women featured last year did not make Maxim’s list for 2014, and this year’s list ended up adding only 4 new names.  So, to start, we will briefly remember the 2013 hotties who were not selected by Maxim for 2014:

Now, here is the summary of the “New 2 Tats” hotties who are on the 2014 Maxim Hot 100 list (their ranking from 2013 will be in parentheses):

  • #78: Anna Paquin (Unranked)
  • #70: Kacey Musgraves (Unranked)
  • #61: Amber Heard (Unranked)
  • #59: Arianny Celeste (#18)
  • #42: Ronda Rousey (#29)
  • #33: Ashley Tisdale (#7)
  • #31: Lea Michelle (#39)
  • #29: Zoe Saldana (#38)
  • #28: Vanessa Hudgens (#9)
  • #27: Emma Stone (#21)
  • #26: Hayden Panettiere (unranked)
  • #24: Charlize Theron (#31)
  • #20: Kaley Cuoco (#32)
  • #19: Selena Gomez (#2)

Now, for a refresher on how these ladies made wearing ink look so good:

#78:  Anna Paquin:  The former child star and “X-Men” film regular has been taking hot to nuclear levels throughout her run on “True Blood.”

#70:  Kacey MusgravesThis rising country singer has been a bright star in 2014, with numerous Grammy Award victories.
KaceyMus_Tat01#61: Amber HeardThis stunning beauty (and Johnny Depp’s main squeeze) has been a Maxim favorite for years, and is now on their Hot 100 list.
A_Heard_Tat04#59:  Arianny CelesteThis UFC ‘Octagon Girl’ continues raise her profile in modeling.
ACeleste_Tat03#42:  Ronda RouseyUFC’s top a$$-kicker has had a monster year.  She has already defended her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship twice in the past 5 months (including winning the main event match at UFC 170) and is slated to fight again in July.
RRousey_Pic06#33:  Ashley Tisdale:  This former “High School Musical” hottie has continued to further her singing career in 2014.
TisdaleTat3# 29:  Lea MichelleThe “Glee” queen bee, who is most responsible for showing it’s ok for ‘good girls’ to have lots of tattoos, launched her debut pop album in 2014.
Lea_Mich_Tat_10#29:  Zoe SaldanaFast becoming a sci-fi fan favorite, Zoe has recently starred in the sequel film of the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise, is wrapping up work on Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and is currently working on the sequel to the all-time box office champion “Avatar.”
ZSalTat2#28:  Vanessa HudgensThe former star of “High School Musical”, BFF of Ashley Tisdale and butterfly-obsessed beauty has continued to work on her acting and singing careers in 2014.
VHudgTat1#27:  Emma Stone:  The textbook definition of the ‘sexy tomboy’, Emma has been having a good time being Spiderman’s lady, both on-screen and off.
EmmaTat3'#26:  Hayden PanettiereThe famous ‘indestructible cheerleader’ from “Heroes” has now become a country music vixen on the hit show “Nashville”.  She is also excitedly looking forward to motherhood with her fiance’, boxing heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko.
HaydenP_Pic06#24:  Charlize Theron:  This throwback to the screen goddesses of Hollywood’s golden era has had a productive 2014 and will soon be starring in a new “Mad Max” movie.
CharlizeTTat6#20:  Kaley Cuoco:  The fan-boy’s dream from “Big Bang Theory” has recently celebrated getting married and has continued to make amusing “Priceline” commercials with William Shatner.
KaleyC_Pic1#19:  Selena GomezA rough start to the year hasn’t stopped Selena from continuing to shine, courtesy of her debut solo album.  Here’s hoping the rest of 2014 is a good one for her.  She remains our #1 at “New 2 Tats.”
SelenaTat2_01While it is a little disappointing that there aren’t as many stars to feature from this year’s Maxim Hot 100 list, I firmly believe that there are many who have been featured on “New 2 Tats” who are on the cusp of making this list.  In addition, there are others who made the 2014 list who should be getting their own “New 2 Tats” feature soon (such as Demi Lovato).

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Mystical Husky Edition): Stefanie Dolson

StefDolson_Pic01    Professional basketball is on an upswing in the District of Columbia.  Its NBA team, the Washington Wizards, are back in the playoffs for first time in 6 seasons (the intervening 5 seasons were so bad that it felt like 20).  Its WNBA team, the Washington Mystics, rebounded from two horrific seasons to return to the playoffs in 2013.

StefDolson_Pic06     The Mystics have now added a championship pedigree to their roster in the form of talented, supremely fun-loving, and lightly-inked Stefanie Dolson, the ferocious center on the the University of Connecticut’s back-to-back NCAA Championship teams (including this year’s 40-0 squad).  Sorely lacking a reliable inside presence (outside of hybrid center/forward, Crystal Langhorne, who has since been traded), Dolson brings a strength to the paint that can help take the Mystics to the next level.  If nothing else, Stefanie will having fun doing it.


Stefanie gives President Obama ‘bunny ears’ at the White House visit for the 2013 UConn champions

Stefanie has been ballin’ for years.  As a high schooler at Minisink Valley High School in New York, she put her height to good use in both volleyball and basketball.  In her prep basketball career, she scored nearly 2000 career points and hauled in more than 1600 rebounds, leading her school to 4 straight championship game appearances (I have not been able to find out if they won any of them)

StefDolson_Pic07Stefanie’s on-court skills got her named to the prestigious McDonald’s High School All-American team and she more than held her own in its All-Star Game.  Off the court, Stefanie excelled in the classroom, earning membership in the National Honor Society.  Stefanie’s success brought her to the attention of UConn’s legendary, and mercurial, coach, Geno Auriemma, who brought her to Storrs, Connecticut, where she started as a freshman.

StefDolson_Pic05In her first two years at Storrs, Stefanie did not get to experience a National Championship, which is something of a birthright for the Huskies.  Both times, her UConn team fell in the Final Four.  She did manage to make the BIG EAST All-Rookie as a freshman and the All-BIG EAST Honorable Mention squad as a sophomore.  Her upper class years would know no such disappointment.

2012 Jordan Brand ClassicAs a junior, Stefanie progressed to making All-BIG EAST First Team and helped lead the Huskies to a dominating 33-point victory in the National Championship Game against Louisville (and “New 2 Tats” cutie, Shoni Schimmel).  Stefanie’s strong inside game evolved to a whole other level as a senior.  In being voted Division I Defensive Player of year, she led UConn to only the second 40-0 season in NCAA history, capping it with another dominating title game victory, this time by 21 points over Notre Dame.  Not long after he capped off her collegiate career in fine style, she was drafted 6th overall by the Washington Mystics and looks to bring that championship fire to the District.

Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

Stefanie posing with UConn teammate Bria Hartley, who was drafted 7th overall by Seattle, and then quickly traded to Washington (adding to the UConn luster) (Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images)

Stefanie’s body art appreciation dates back to high school.  When she was 16 years old, she and her sisters went to get tattooed together.  Stefanie got a constellation of stars and the word ‘Laugh’ (representative of her personality) inscribed on her right foot.  You can see this cute tattoo below.

StefDolson_Tat02After her junior year at UConn, Stefanie commemorated winning the National Championship in New Orleans by getting a Fleur-de-lis on the back of her left ankle.  It is partly visible when she battles Jimmy Fallon in a ‘dance off‘ on the “Tonight Show”.

StefDolson_Tat01You can follow this newest Mystic on Twitter at:

Olympic Tattoo Update: Shawn Johnson gets a second one


 SJohnsonUpdate_Pic01\      Since the end of her competitive Olympic days, gymnastics sweetheart Shawn Johnson has managed to keep quite busy.  She is a student at Vanderbilt University, and has competed twice on “Dancing With the Stars”, winning her main season and coming in second place during the All-Stars edition.  She has also been a health and fitness advocate, using her Twitter account to give diet and exercise tips to others, as well as encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed gold medal gymnast, Carly Patterson)

    Shawn has always been coy about her appreciation for body art.  The 2008 silver medalist in women’s gymnastics engaged in the right of passage for many Olympic athletes and got herself a tattoo of the Olympic Rings (on her left hip).  However, with the exception of one photo shoot, and interview, where she specifically confirmed she had one (displayed it), it was has been hard to find any other references to her ink.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed Olympic sweetheart, Missy Franklin)

    More recently, Shawn has been spotted with a new piece of body art.  This time, it is a little quote running down her right forearm.  It reads, ‘Grace with Humility’, based on a Bible verse that she feels defines her life. I have not yet been able to find any up-close photos of this meaningful tattoo.  I can make it out from a distance in photos where that part of the arm is shown.  I was only able to confirm the existence of this tattoo through article written by a Penn State student, who saw Shawn speak of it (however shyly) when she visited the campus last fall).  Here are a couple photos showing her new ink:


Connect more with Shawn on her official website:

And, get your healthy tips and updates on her Twitter feed: