Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (The Force Awakens Edition [No Spoilers]): Daisy Ridley


If ever there was a young actress who entered a year poised for the biggest breakthrough of her career (or anyone’s career, for that matter), it is London’s Daisy Ridley in 2015.


You may be familiar with a successful ‘niche’ movie series called “Star Wars”.  In the late 90’s/early 2000’s, it got derailed by things called Jar Jar, pod-racing, and midi-chlorians.  Then, a small company called Disney took over the series and let someone little-known director named JJ Abrams oversee a new series of films.  Does any of this ring a bell?


Before you start sticking your middle finger at your computer screen… YES, I am kidding… The biggest pop culture phenomenon in the past half-century has been “Star Wars”.  But, the thrill and excitement that these movies created ran completely out of steam, courtesy of prequel trilogy (which was good in some parts, mediocre in most others, and when it was bad, it was ‘burn the film’ bad).


Fortunately, “Star Wars” creator, George Lucas, sold Lucasfilms to the Disney Corporation.  Disney then promptly decided to make new Star Wars films, and told Lucas (whose complete autonomy made the prequels a mess) that he would have nothing to do with making these films.  Abrams, who had already helmed the very successful reboot of the “Star Trek” series, was given the director’s chair for this even larger task:  restoring the faith of a badly disappointed fan base.


One of Abrams’ first decisions was to hire largely unknown actors to play major roles. This could be successful, such as with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher for “A New Hope”, or it could be really bad, such as with Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen in the prequels. Having seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, all I will say about the movie is that Abrams chose wisely with John Boyega and (the subject of this blog entry) Daisy Ridley. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the film on-screen again, and I rarely see movies more than once in the theater.


Daisy Ridley was an inspired choice.  The Westminster-born actress brings such a well-placed enthusiasm and energy to the role of Rey, that fans can’t help but be won over by her (though, there will always be some spoilsports).


(Credit: daisy-ridley.net)

Ridley’s acting resume, before landing “Star Wars”, consisted of minor roles on British television series like “Youngers”, “Silent Witness” and “Mr. Selfridge”.  Such a star-making leap can be overwhelming for some actors and actresses.  Ridley, however, seems to be handling it just fine.  This includes her poking fun at her audition on “Saturday Night Live” and showing a very grounded, humorous personality on her social media accounts.  Daisy is going to be very busy over the next few years with “Star Wars”, and I think that is something that all fans of that era from a ‘long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’ will very much benefit from.


(Credit: daisy-ridley.net)

Of course, as much as Daisy Ridley is quickly becoming every fan-boy’s crush, she wouldn’t be on the blog if she didn’t have some ink.  In a move that may have suggested her future destiny, Daisy got a cute design of three stars tattooed on her left foot.  Whether or not she gets any more body art remains to be seen.  In the meantime, she will be contending with one of the new trends on mega-stardom…. fans getting tattoos of HER!  ūüôā


(Credit: daisy-ridley.net)



You can get more info and pictures of Daisy at this fan site:  http://daisy-ridley.net/

And, for some good entertainment, you can follow her on Instagram at:  https://www.instagram.com/daisyridley/


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Little Miss Sunshine Edition): Abigail Breslin


(Credit: Abigail’s IG account)

Ever since the exuberant character, Olive Hooper, answered the phone and screamed her way (with joy) into audience’s hearts, actress Abigail Breslin has been a major player on the Hollywood scene.


(Abbie with her brother, actor Spencer Breslin) (Credit: Abigail’s IG account)

Acting has been family affair for the New York-born Breslin since she was just a ‘wee tot’. ¬†Both of her older brothers, Ryan and Spencer, are also actors. ¬†After starring in few commercials as a baby, she made her big screen debut, alongside Spencer (and some guy named Mel Gibson), in the 2002 science-fiction blockbuster, “Signs” (also known as M. Night Shyamalan’s last good movie). ¬†She was just 6 when the movie was released, and only 5 when principal photography concluded.


(little Abigail protecting her mind from aliens in “Signs”)

Abigail received very high marks for her performance in “Signs”. ¬†She showed she could handle material with greater depth to it, ensuring that she would not be pigeon-holed to ‘cute kid’ roles throughout her youth. ¬†This got her a small part in “The Princess Diaries 2” and a much larger role with Kate Hudson in “Raising Helen”. ¬†She then got a part in the third installment of the Tim Allen “Santa Clause” series, “The Santa Clause 3: ¬†The Escape Clause”. ¬†In those last two movies, she once again got to act with her brother, Spencer.


(Credit: FoxSearch/Everett/REX)

Then Abigail landed her major breakthrough role as the precocious Olive Hooper in the 2006 indie super-hit “Little Miss Sunshine”. ¬†She portrays a young girl who just found out she has been selected for the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ beauty pageant in California and has to travel 800 miles in two days, in a broken down bus, with a dysfunctional family that can only be described as ‘eclectic’, in order to compete. ¬†Her performance was very well received; so much so that she actually received an Academy Award nomination for Best Support Actress, making her one of the youngest nominees ever (she eventually lost to Jennifer Hudson for “Dreamgirls”).


After two more supporting roles in big-name romantic ‘dramedies’, “No Reservations” and “Definitely, Maybe”, Abigail scored her first lead roles. ¬†She was the title character in “Nim’s Island” and the eponymous ‘american girl’ in “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”. ¬†She then earned oodles of ‘nerd cred’ with a hilarious role in the end-of-world comedy “Zombieland”.


Abigail has managed to score additional heavyweight acting roles in recent films, such as “Ender’s Game” and “August: Osage County”. ¬†This fall, she will be starring alongside other young adult stars like Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer in the Fox horror-comedy “Scream Queens”. ¬†An accurate thing to say with regards to Abigail is ‘watch this space’, because there are going to be many, many more high-end projects coming her way.

(Credit: Abigail's IG account)

(Credit: Abigail’s IG account)

Upon turning 19 years old, Abigail wasted very little time showing much she wanted to join ‘Club Ink’. ¬†A birthday gift from her brother, Spencer, was a trip to a tattoo studio. ¬†She got a cute design of the planet, Saturn, and three stars on her left wrist.


(Credit: Abigail’s IG account)

(Credit: Abigail's IG account)

(Credit: Abigail’s IG account)

The love of tattoos did not end with just one. ¬†Several weeks later, Abigail went back and got TWO MORE tattoos. ¬†One was her alien buddy, Alan, on her left shoulder (wonder if she knows him from her “Signs” days), and the title of the song “Holocene” by Bon Iver on one of her forearms (it’s a song that has great personal meaning for her). ¬†These two were done by Kaylyn Tattoos. ¬†Abigail liked the experience so much, she brought her mother along to get inked… and she got TWO of her own. ¬†:-).

(credit: Abigail's IG account)

(credit: Abigail’s IG account)

(credit: Abigail's IG account)

(credit: Abigail’s IG account)

I think we will definitely be seeing Abigail getting much more body art as time goes by.

You can follow Abigail on social media here:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/yoabbaabba

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/abbienormal9/

Hottie Ink Update (250th Feature Edition!): Jennifer Stone


¬† ¬† It has been awhile since I last posted a feature on ‘New 2 Tats’. ¬†It has been one of those situations where the job can sometimes get in the way of a hobby (or ‘labor of love’, as I have long referred to this blog). ¬†I think a great celebrity to help get the ball rolling again is Jennifer Stone.

JenStone_Update_Pic02¬† ¬†It has been absolutely no secret that one of the all-time favorites here at “New 2 Tats”¬†is Selena Gomez¬†(a former child star who, despite the pressures of growing up in the harsh spotlight of fame… made even stronger by her former high profile relationship with Justin Bieber…. has managed to stay fairly grounded…. ¬† and she has a great love of body art).

JenStone_Update_Pic01¬† ¬† However, Selena’s fellow child star, and co-star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Jennifer Stone is fast becoming another big favorite. ¬†While her post-“Wizards” career has been quieter than Selena’s, one only needs to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see she’s making moves and enjoying life. ¬†One can also see exactly how much her love of tattoos has grown.

JenStone_Update_Pic03¬† ¬† When I first published a feature on Jennifer, she just had one widely-known tattoo (though, I gather, she had already acquired others at that point). ¬†That first tattoo of her’s was not a tiny, hard to see design. ¬†She went bold with the¬†bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 just beneath her shoulders. ¬†She first showed it off elegantly on the red carpet in a gorgeous black dress.


    Jennifer now finds herself spending time working on many different endeavors, including modeling and music, while still keeping and ear to ground for the next good acting opportunity.  She recently participated in a Project Mermaids photo shoot, an environmental charity where many celebrities pose in mermaid outfits to help bring awareness and raise funds for protecting beaches and oceans.

JenStone_Update_Pic04     Jennifer also uses social media show the fun she is having in life, such as when running a race, or going skydiving.



    One of the more prominent tattoos that is seen on Jennifer is an Italian phrase circling her left wrist (I do not have the translation).



Jennifer also has another foreign phrase running along the inside of her right wrist.



   During her Project Mermaids photo shoot, she showed off what appears to a be a gorgeous piece of body art on her torso.  Available photos have not been able to show a clear depiction of the design, but it looks stunning.


¬† Jennifer’s most recent turn under the tattoo needle is an old-style pocket watch design, which includes the phrase ‘Made in Texas’ on one half (she was born there), and a quote by Tennessee Williams from his ‘Catastrophe of Success’ essay on the other half. ¬†A later photo of Jennifer with friends at the beach shows this design appears on her right thigh (the photo also shows another script tattoo underneath her left breast).




    The boldness and enthusiasm with which Jennifer approaches body art all but guarantees we will be treated to more stunning tattoos from her in the future.  I can tell from following her on social media that she is going to have some entertaining projects coming up in the future as well.

You can follow Jennifer on her social media accounts here:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/comeagainjen

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/comeagainjen14/

(Photo Credits: ¬†Unless otherwise specified, all photos are courtesy of Jennifer’s Instagram account)

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Historical Enchantress Edition): Natalie Dormer


In recent years, blonde British beauty, Natalie Dormer has become a true ‘go to’ actress for a diverse number of roles, many of which are historical in nature. ¬†Natalie’s ability to combine her stunning looks with a sharp-edged personality makes her performances the true show-stealers in many movies and television series.


Born in Reading, England, Natalie first came to the attention of wide audiences when she played the ill-fated Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, in Showtime’s sensationalized dramatization of that Henry’s reign, called “The Tudors”. ¬†In demonstrating a thespianic fearlessness that would become a hallmark of later roles, Natalie received strong positive reviews for her performance, even securing two Gemini Award nominations.


Much of Natalie’s varied talents can be traced to a rich upbringing. ¬†In her school days, her academic achievements led to her being¬†head girl. ¬†She also traveled globally as a member of her school’s public debate team. ¬†She also was studied dance. ¬†Natalie eventually aspired to attend the University of Cambridge, but did not get the necessary exam scores to gain admission. ¬†So, she turned her focus to studying drama at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts.

(credit:  Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Acting seemed to be right call for Natalie. ¬†For an actress who only made her debut just 10 years ago, she feels like she has been a presence for much longer. ¬†That 2005 debut, in the film “Casanova”, based loosely on the life of the famous/infamous Giacomo Casanova (played by Heath Ledger), flashed her potential. ¬†Originally slated to have a much smaller role, Natalie’s gifted comedic timing convinced director, Lasse Hallstrom, to expand her screen time. ¬†While the film wasn’t terribly successful, it did get Natalie noticed, and helped her land her breakthrough role.


That breakthrough role was as Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors”. ¬†Playing the tempestuous, and doomed, second wife of Henry VIII necessitated that Natalie bare herself physically and emotionally. ¬†The highly-rated series and performance ensured that the Natalie would continue to be a sought after actress. ¬†After the conclusion of her role as Boleyn, she made a foray into the Marvel Universe as Private Lorraine in “Captain America: ¬†The First Avenger” (which included ‘New 2 Tats’ hottie, Hayley Atwell) ¬†It was one of numerous television and film roles that kept her busy over the next several years.


The last couple of years have seen Natalie latch onto significant roles in two of the biggest franchises in the world: ¬†“Game of Thrones” on HBO and “The Hunger Games” film series. ¬†In “Game of Thrones”, she portrays the cunning Margaery Tyrell and, in “The Hunger Games” (the two-part “Mockingjay” finale) she is chief propagandist, Cressida. ¬†She has also managed to score a guest role in the Sherlock Holmes-inspired series “Elementary”, alongside Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. ¬†Whatever the future holds for Natalie, one can be certain it will continue to involve her becoming a bigger star on the big and small screen.

NatDormer_Pic05¬† ¬† While Natalie has been filmed with numerous fake tattoos as Cressida in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”, she actually does have some real ink of her own. ¬†She shows that she is an enormous sci-fi geek with the following quote from “Dune” author, Frank Herbert’s, Litany of Fear passage, which reads “fear is the mind-killer”. ¬†She says it is a reminder to take herself out of her comfort zone. ¬†It is on her left forearm.

NatDormer_Tat01NatDormer_Tat02Natalie has made a choice to not get involved in social media at this time.  But, you can find out more about her at this fan site:



Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Less Than Perfect Edition): Sara Rue


Sara Rue is one of those actresses who made so seamless of a transition from child star to grown-up roles that most people forget that she could have ever be characterized as a ‘child star’. ¬†Sara’s earliest work came when she was just 9 years old when she starred as Kevin Spacey’s daughter in the film “Rocket Gibraltar”.


Born Sara Schlackman, in New York City, Rue continued acting regularly throughout her youth. ¬†At 10 years old, she got her first long-term role in a television series. ¬†She played Edna Pasetti, the young daughter of Pamela Hunt’s Janice Pasetti, in the NBC comedy series “Grand”. ¬†“Grand” drew inspiration from the 70’s era iconic sitcom “Soap” in its representation of haves vs. have nots. ¬†A couple years later, Sara had a cameo role in “Roseanne”, portraying a teenage version of Roseanne Connor.

(credit:  Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images)

(credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images)

Over the next few years, Sara continued to get steady work on the small screen. ¬†Among the series she participated in where “Phenom” (as the friend of Angela Goethals’ tennis prodigy) and “Minor Adjustments” (one of the first sitcoms on the newly created UPN network). ¬†There were also guest appearances on several other series, such as “ER”, “Zoey, Duncan, Jack and Jane” and “Will & Grace”.


Despite all these roles, it took until 1999 for Sara to achieve her real breakthrough role when she starred along other up-and-coming 20-something stars Carly Pope and Leslie Bibb in the CW teen drama “Popular”. ¬† “Popular”, while running for only two seasons, put Rue (as well as co-stars Pope, Bibb and Tammy Lynn Michaels) on the map.


After the completion of “Popular”, Sara her first significant lead role in ABC sitcom, “Less than Perfect”. ¬†She portrayed Claude, the assistant to vain television news anchor Will Butler (Eric Roberts). ¬†Other characters were portrayed by Zachary Levi (known more now for “Chuck”), Sherri Shepherd and the ‘less than funny’ Andy Dick. ¬†Much positive press was made about a ‘full-figured’ woman like Sara being a central character in a popular sitcom (though, by the end of the series, she had lost of a lot weight while being a spokesperson for Jenny Craig Weight Loss).


(credit: flynetpictures.com)

Most recently, Sara has been engaging in her best role, as a wife and mother. ¬†Domestic bliss has not stopped her from satisfying the acting bug, though. ¬†This small screen maven continued to perform in guest spots on wildly successful series like “Big Bang Theory”, while having starring roles in shows like “Rules of Engagement” and “Malibu Country” (alongside Rebe McEntire). ¬†This fun comedienne will be grace our television sets for some time to come.


Of course, Sara has also demonstrated an appreciation for body art.  She frequently enjoys showing off her cute butterfly tattoo that sits on the outside of her right ankle.







You can follow Sara on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/sararueforreal

She also has a fan site:   http://www.sararue.com/

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Rookie Blue Edition): Missy Peregrym


Missy Peregrym is a gorgeous Canadian actress¬†who is currently getting good notices for performance as Officer Andy McNally in the crime drama, “Rookie Blue”. ¬†The Toronto based series (which has been described as a “Grey’s Anatomy” for rookie cops) has just entered its fifth season and has received many nominations for Canadian drama awards, including one for Peregrym.


Before “Rookie Blue”, Missy was probably best known for her debut big screen role, as rebellious gymnast Haley Graham in the 2006 late spring¬†hit “Stick It”. ¬†Starring alongside Jeff Bridges and Vanessa Lengies (of “American Dreams” fame), Missy plays an elite-level gymnast who has to battle a domineering mother, a nightmare coach and legal troubles to try and win a gymnastics invitational that will help her win a college scholarship. ¬†The film proved to be a minor hit just before the summer blockbuster season, and it gave Missy her first real mainstream notices.

(Credit:  Dennis Van Tine /Landov)

(Credit: Dennis Van Tine /Landov)

Before Missy’s acting career began in 2002, she was born and raised in Canada (Born in Montreal, raised in British Columbia). ¬†A self-described tomboy, she played soccer growing up and developed a strong affinity for snowboarding in her free time. ¬†When she turned 18, she started modeling. ¬†Among the campaigns she participated in were ones for Mercedes Benz, Sprint and the Olympics. ¬†At age 20, she got her first acting role in a guest appearance in the Jessica Alba sci-fi drama “Dark Angel”.


Missy’s time modeling, and her brief appearance on “Dark Angel”, lead to her getting another guest role on the “Chris Isaak Show” and then getting her first lead role, on the WB martial arts show “Black Sash” (which lasted only 8 episodes). ¬†She followed up with more guest roles in shows like “Jake 2.0” and “Smallville” while also having a small part in the Heidi Fleiss biopic “Call Me”.


In 2004, Missy scored another long-term role in the teen drama “Life As We Know It”. ¬†It lasted a full season on ABC (and was notable for giving Kelly Osbourne her first non-reality tv role). ¬†The next step for Missy was the humorous show “Reaper” on the CW. ¬†For that show’s two season run, Missy played Andi Prendergast, the girlfriend of Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) who has a secret job working as a bounty hunter for the Devil (played by Ray Wise). ¬†She also had a multiple episode arc on “Heroes” before landing her current success with “Rookie Blue”.


In her personal life, Missy is involved in philanthropic efforts. ¬†In 2006, she partnered with TOMS shoes, a company known for providing free, safe shoes to impoverished communities. ¬†Just this past summer, Missy also made an industry love match when she married “Chuck” star, Zachary Levi.


(Credit: E! Entertainment)

In a recent romantic scene in “Rookie Blue”, a torso tattoo was visible on Missy. ¬†A look at some of her other photo shoots show that it was not just something for her show’s character. ¬†It was, in fact, a real tattoo of her’s. ¬†Missy has been somewhat private about her body art. ¬†So, I have not been able to determine what it says. ¬†However, her are a few photos that show it.




You can follow Missy on social media:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/mperegrym

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/mperegrym


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Nikita” Edition): Maggie Q


The very stunning Maggie Q has been redefining fierce females roles since she started acting over a decade and a half ago. ¬†Known best for her performance on CW spy series “Nikita” (the second television series based on the popular French film “La Femme Nikita”), Maggie has been steadily building a strong acting presence over the past decade or so.

MaggieQ_Pic02Born in Hawaii to an Irish/Polish father and Vietnamese mother, Margaret Quigley (Maggie’s full name) was very athletic student at Mililani High School, as she was active in cross-country, swimming and track & field. ¬†She had intended to go study veterinary science in college. ¬†However, even with an athletic scholarship, the finances were still not there to pursue that goal. ¬†So, the girl who was voted “Best Body” in high school took a stab a modeling.

MaggieQ_Pic03¬† ¬†At the age of 17, Maggie went overseas to begin her modeling career. ¬†She started in a Tokyo and made a stop in Taipei before finding the most success in Hong Kong. ¬†In was in Hong Kong where she first caught the attention of Jackie Chan. ¬†It wasn’t just Q’s beauty that put her on Chan’s radar. ¬†It was the potential he saw in her becoming a top notch star for the strenuous type of action films Chan is noted for. ¬†Despite not having any martial arts whatsoever, Maggie threw herself into an intensive training regimen that made all the difference.


The payoff was Maggie getting a role in blockbuster film “Rush Hour 2”. ¬†She also got roles in Hong Kong cinema actioners “Gen-Y Cops” and “Naked Weapon”. ¬†Her affiliation with Jackie Chan also got her a part in Chan’s 2004 remake of “Around the World in 80 Days.”


The 2006-2007, Maggie got her first real big time exposure as an action star and leading lady. ¬†She starred as Zhen Lei, a member of Ethan Hunt’s Impossible Missions Force in “Mission Impossible III”. ¬†She then portrayed the fierce second-in-command/love interest to arch-villain, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) in the surprisingly decent “Live Free or Die Hard”. ¬†She also got to venture into the comedy realm with “Balls of Fury”.


Most recently, Maggie just completed her lead role on the well-received “Nikita”. ¬†After finishing this signature performance, she jumped right into the lead of the new CBS crime drama, “Stalker” (where she stars alongside former “The Practice” heartthrob, Dylan McDermott). ¬†She also has a major role as Tori Wu in the blockbuster film trilogy, “Divergent”.


One that thing that Maggie enjoyed about starring in “Nikita” was that she no longer needed to conceal her tattoos for a role. ¬†Maggie’s most noticeable tattoo is a stunning large phoenix on her left hip. ¬†For Maggie, it represents her struggle to grow and succeed in her chosen path; to rise from where she started to something more spectacular (quite an accurate metaphor).

(Credit:  CW)

(Credit: CW)




As you can see from the last picture, she also has a scripted phrase running along side her left torso (alas, I cannot find out its meaning).  Maggie also has a design of Asian characters on her left forearm and what appears to be Sanskrit on her right forearm.  However, I have not be able to find out their meaning either.


(credit: photo111.com)



(credit: sina)


You can find out more about Maggie at her fan site:  http://www.maggie-q.us/ 

You can follow Maggie on social media as well:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MaggieQ

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/maggieq_1