Hottie Ink Update (Not Wasting Any Time Edition): Ariana Grande’s Third Tattoo!

AGrande_3rdTat_Pic01     Singing sensation (and long-time Nickelodeon actress) has already been kind enough to share her love of body art with her fans, as she has photos and videos show her first two tattoos being applied:  A heart on the second toe on her right foot and the word “Mille tendresse” (‘a thousand tendernesses’) on the back of her neck.

AGrande_3rdTat_Pic02    Just a few days after she showed off the tattoo on the back of her neck, Ariana changed her profile picture on Twitter and Instagram and it seemed to show a new piece of ink appearing on her left rib cage.  It turns out it is another script tattoo.  This time, she tapped into her Italian heritage and had the word “bellissima” (‘very beautiful’) etched on her torso.  Ariana seems to love these small, feminine adorable tattoos.  So, I fully expect we will be seeing more updates in the future.

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Hottie Ink Update: Ariana Grande Gets her 2nd Tattoo!

AGrande_Pic05   Ariana Grande, the adorable Nickelodeon actress with the powerhouse singing voice, has added a new tattoo to her collection.  A few years back, while taking a break from the recording studio, Ariana got inked for the first time… a cute little heart on the second toe of her right foot.  She actually had the entire experience captured on video and posted on Youtube (

AGrande_Tat01   Last year, as Ariana was closing in on her 20th birthday, she started coming down with that urge to get a tattoo again.  On her Twitter page, she expressed a desire to get a second tattoo as a birthday gift to herself.

agrande_tat2_pic02    Well, it took a few months, but Ariana finally went under the needle again.  This time, the chart-topping singer got the phrase “Mille tendresse” inscribed on the back of her neck.  This adorable tattoo means ‘thousand tendernesses’ in French and is a reference to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  For her second tattoo, Ariana has also continued to go along with the practice I always encourage… that of recording the experience of getting tattooed.  The journey is just as important as the destination.

agrande_tat2_tat01agrande_tat2_tat02Ariana’s work was done by artist Romeo Lacoste.

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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Ariana Grande

Update:  See Ariana’s second tattoo!

AGrande_Pic04   Ariana Grande is the latest starlet from the Nickelodeon ‘farm system’ to grow up and begin making moves beyond her initial kid-friendly roles on television shows like “Victorious” and “iCarly”.


   While her acting roles still remain within the Nickelodeon family, Ariana is working on establishing herself as a soulful adult singer.  Her debut single, “The Way”, has already reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Now, while the song, itself, is relatively generic (with an unfortunate pairing with Mac Miller), it does show she has a ready-made appeal that lots of other young actresses don’t necessarily achieve in their singing debuts.

AGrande_Pic03    One area where Ariana differs from other young actresses is she didn’t get her acting education by being spoon-fed into family-friendly television at the start.  Rather, Ariana cut her teeth on stage.  Her debut was in the Broadway musical “13”, which she followed with other theatre performances in “Cuba Libre” and as the lead in “A Snow White Christmas”.


   Ariana’s acting career has already garnered her some awards.  For her performance in “13”, she won the National Youth Theatre Association Awards Best Actress Honor, and was also recognized as Favorite Television Actress by the Hollywood Teen TV Awards.


   Once again, it should come as no surprise that Ariana has embraced that increasingly mainstream rite-of-passage:  getting a tattoo.  While taking a break in the recording studio, Ariana joined ‘Club Ink’ by getting a petite, cute heart tattoo on the second toe of her right foot.  She even had the whole process filmed and posted on Youtube.

Below are photos of Ariana’s first tattoo:



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