Tattoos News (Touching Tribute Edition): Zelda Williams


What makes tattoos such an important social construct is that they go well beyond being just a fun body accessory for showing off.  In many cases, they end up truly having a deep personal meaning for the person who wears the ink.  ‘Deep personal meaning’ is not some trite cliche people use to justify their tattoos.  Rather, if you ask people about their ink, they can tell some fascinating and touching stories about what inspired them to get the work done.

ZeldaWilliams_Pic02     One of the most poignant modern examples of this is the tribute that actress, Zelda Williams, paid to her father, the legendary Robin Williams, through the medium of tattooing.  In August 2014, Robin Williams’ legions of fans felt the shock and pain of losing such a great (and beloved) talent, whose iconic roles deeply touched so many people.  Roles in films and tv shows like “Mork & Mindy”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Dead Poets Society”, and “Good Will Hunting” (a role his that is a personal favorite of mine).  As much as the fans felt their own pain, they felt tremendous empathy for Zelda’s devastating personal loss.

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Walt Disney's World Premiere of 'Old Dogs' held at El Capitan Theatre Hollywood, California - 09.11.09 Featuring: Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Where: California When: 09 Nov 2009 Credit: WENN

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams
Credit: WENN

The unfortunate thing is that, despite all the touching tributes to her father and people expressing their condolences to her, there was still that ugly, ugly segment of internet society that posted awful, horrific comments to her on her social media accounts.  Reflecting a poise and grace that may not be evident in other people, Zelda did not give in to that awful treatment.  She rightfully took time away from her social media accounts to cope with her father’s passing and to begin the healing process.


A few months later, she returned with a heartbreaking and moving tribute to her father.  On her right hand, just beneath her thumb, she got a tattoo of a hummingbird, which serves as a touching reminder of her father (to always put her hand out and shake with a smile).  Lower on her right forearm, she added the date, “7-21-51”, which is the day Robin Williams was born.  This stunning artwork was crafted by the incomparable Dr. Woo of the famous LA Shamrock Social Club tattoo studio.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

On her left wrist, Zelda has what appears to be an interpretation of the female gender symbol.  She has had this one for several years.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Since returning to social media, Zelda has used it as a forum to advocate for many worth social causes (animal rescue, marriage equality, etc.)  She has also been showing that she is living life with zest, just like her father (as witnessed by some of her recent fun at the San Diego Comic-Con).

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Zelda is an inspiring person whose grace in the face of tragedy, as well as awful behavior by others, can serve as an example to us all.

If you wish to follow Zelda on social media (and please be respectful if you do), you can find her here:




Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Swimsuit Edition…..Edition): Jessica Gomes

JGomes_Pic05    The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has always been one of the most popular publications released.  While courting some controversy due to the Swimsuit Edition’s very existence, it has also been a “who’s who” of the modeling industry.  Famous names such as Cheryl Tiegs, Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks and Marissa Miller have graced the cover in past years.  Sports Illustrated has also featured wonderful athletes such as Jennie Finch, Clair Bidez and Maria Sharapova.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In addition to the famous names that Sports Illustrated gets to be on the cover, the magazine also has a series of regular models who appear each year in this edition.  One of the more notable models from recent years has been the Australian-born hottie, Jessica Gomes.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In 2008, Jessica made her debut on the pages of the Swimsuit Edition as a group on new models known as the ‘rookies’.  Her exotic look (she is of Portuguese-Chinese heritage) struck a chord with subscribers and the SI editors.  Starting with her debut, Jessica has appeared in every annual issue since.


Jessica Gomes palling around with fellow inked Aussie hottie, Jessica Mauboy.

While the exact location of this Australian’s birth is subject to some dispute (both Perth and Sydney have been cited), Jessica did grow up in the rural settings of the province of Western Australia.  When she turned 13, her mother saw fit to enroll Jessica in modeling classes at the Linda-Ann Modeling Academy near Perth.  Soon, she entered a modeling contest and her career took off from there.


In 2004, Gomes was signed by the prestigious world-wide modeling agency, IMG Models.  While the runways of Paris and Milan would seem to be the likely destination for a top model, Jessica has chosen to focus her work in a variety of Asian markets.  She is very popular in South Korea, where she did campaigns for Hyundai and LG Phones, and appeared on their version of “Dancing with the Stars” (she finished 3rd).  In print work, Jessica has appeared in Vogue, Glamour and Victoria’s Secret (in addition to her notable work for Sports Illustrated).  Jessica has even been the covergirl for Maxim magazine.


In addition to some of her more conventional modeling work, Jessica’s popularity in the hip-hop community has led to other opportunities for publicity.  She has been the voice that announces Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group at the start of everyone of their songs, and she has been mentioned in a song by Kanye.  She is also the face of the Diddy’s perfume collaboration with Estee’ Lauder, called “Unforgivable” by Sean John.

    On top of breaking through ceiling for multi-racial models (which, unfortunately, still exists), Jessica is also a representative for the growing acceptance of body art.  Even though some photo sets still airbrush her tattoos out of the pictures, more are starting to let Jessica proudly show off her body art.  She has the word “Love” inscribed on her right wrist.  On the outer part of her left forearm she has her parents’ names inscribed.

JGomes_Tat04JGomes_Tat01JGomes_Tat03JGomes_Tat02JGomes_Tat05You can find out more about Jessica on her official website:

For your social media fix, go here:



Hottie Ink Update (Animated Tribute Edition): Olivia Olson



Back in 2012, I did a feature on the stunning actress and singer, Olivia Olson.  Then, after receiving a positive response from Olivia, herself (in which she told of more tattoos she had), I ran a follow-up feature.  Given Olivia’s obvious love of ink, it was only a matter of time before a new feature became necessary.


Olivia showing some love for PBR

If you need a refresher on the talented Olson, you only need to go back in time and dust off your copy of “Love Actually” (which, be honest, you watch every Christmas, anyway).  She sang an amazing rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the climatic Christmas talent show.  It was amazing because the 11-year old Olivia was performing the powerhouse vocals herself, not lip syncing someone else’s voice.  Outside of that breakthrough role, Olivia provided the voices for Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in “Phineas and Ferb” and Marceline in “Adventure Time”.


“Love Actually” -era Olivia

Currently, she is continuing her voice work on those two animated series.  In addition, she throwing her efforts into her singing career (an obvious move for someone with such considerable vocal talent).  Just this past summer, she released an EP, “Beauty is Chaos”, which can be acquired here:  Here’s hoping she becomes the big star she is destined to be.


Olivia showing off some of her earlier ink


Now, what everyone has been waiting for:  Olivia’s new tattoo!  I titled this feature the ‘Animated Tribute Edition’ because that is exactly that her new tattoo is all about.  On the lower part of her right wrist, she has a tattoo of a cartoon ax.  That is not some random design.  It is an image of the guitar her “Adventure Time” character, Marceline, plays.


Marceline and her ax guitar


Olivia showing off her ‘ax guitar’ tattoo while posing with her father, comedy writer, Martin Olson, on Father’s Day this year

Another view of Olivia's new tattoo

Another view of Olivia’s new tattoo

You can follow Olivia on Twitter at:

You can see some of her fun photographs on Instagram:   [Note:  she loves taking photos with her fans]


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Independent Actress Edition): Wyndoline ‘Wyni’ Landry

(Update: Wyni, herself, appreciated this tattoo feature.  She provided additional information about what her tattoo says and the artist who provided her with this artwork)

WyniL_Pic02    You may have noticed, over the course of this blog’s existence, that I do like to feature lesser known, up and coming actors, actresses and athletes (One only needs to see our support for Miriam Pultro to recognize that).  I like to shed light on their efforts to make it big, as well as their love of ink.  One actress who fits this mold is Wyndoline Landry, better known as Wyni.

WyniL_Pic04Wyni is probably best known to audiences for her memorable appearance in a DirecTV commercial (back when DirecTV made good commercials, not these creepy ‘no wires’ ones).  She was the amusing rebellious daughter in the “Don’t get a Grandson with a Dog Collar” commercial by DirecTV.  You can see it here:

WyniL_Pic03Born in New York City, Wyni went west to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  Many of her talented performances are available on Youtube and Vimeo, including some hip hop dancing and singing.

WyniL_Pic06Cutting her teeth the way any independent actor or actress does, Wyni has developed and starred in her on web series.  It is called G.I.A. (Girls Intelligence Agency), where she and two friends become gold jumpsuit-clad crime fighters.  You can watch episodes, see interviews and view photos of G.I.A. at its official website:

WyniL_Pic05In addition to having her own web series, Wyni has been getting cameo/guest roles in higher profile shows.  She has been on MTV’s hit “Awkward”, as well as the shows “Switched at Birth” and “Trophy Wife”.  She’s paying her dues and I expect we will be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

WyniL_Pic01Wyni does seem to be a fan of tattoos.  She does have a cute script tattoo of some meaningful quote on her left forearm.  You can see photos of it here.  It has three separate lines written in the artist’s handwriting.  The artist is Matthew Mattison of The Little Tattoo Shoppe.  The lines are:  Wyni’s middle name, “Thera; Wild Unmastered One; and Lindomptable.”

WyniL_Tat03WyniL_Tat02WyniL_Tat01Wyni does not currently have a Twitter account

Fortunately, she does have some social media presence, courtesy of Instagram.  You can find Wyni at

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Renaissance Woman Edition): Sarai Givaty

SaraiG_Pic03   One only needs to read the list of professions that Israeli-born Sarai Givaty can claim in order to understand why she is a ‘renaissance’ woman.  Sarai is a singer-songwriter; she is a model; she is an actress; she happens to be an artist of some regard; and, she also happens to be quite the tattoo enthusiast.

SaraiG_Pic05    One of Sarai’s first attention-grabbing performances in the U.S. was in a two-episode story arc in the military crime procedural “NCIS”.  She portrayed Liat Tuvia, a Mossad agent (Israeli Intelligence) hired by director Eli David (Michael Nouri) to fill a void left by his daughter, Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), when Ziva left to the join the NCIS team.  Sarai more than held her own in these episodes.

SaraiG_Pic01    Sarai started her career in a night-time Israeli sketch show called “Kol Layla”.  She portrayed an American reporter and was well received enough to gain positive reviews from Israeli television critics, and she even continued the role after she moved the United States to take acting classes.

SaraiG_Pic04    Before getting her guest appearance on “NCIS”, Sarai also has a guest role as a Russia spy the pilot episode of short-lived Christian Slater action series “My Own Worst Enemy”.  Around that time, Sarai also scored her first major film role in the Stephen Dorff horror film, “The Passage”.  Far from being the typical slasher fare, “The Passage” was entered into the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, where Sarai was lauded for her star-making performance.

SaraiG_Pic07    While Sarai continues to build her acting resume, she has also become an accomplished artist.  Using photography as her medium, and her upbringing in Israel as her inspiration, Sarai has developed a series of surreal and inventive photo sets with themes surrounding contemporary warfare, privacy, human rights and international security.  You can check out more of Sarai’s powerful work at her official artist website:

SaraiG_Pic06     Sarai is also involved in numerous modeling campaigns, and even has a singing career.  She is truly a ‘renaissance woman’.  Future acting projects have her starring in “Expendables 3”, alongside such heavyweight personalities as Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and, even, MMA a$$-kicker (and “New 2 Tats” hottie) Ronda Rousey.

SaraiG_Pic02   Now, for the really fun part:  Sarai’s body art.  Sarai makes no secret of her love of tattoos.  She will not accept the regrettable practice of photographers airbrushing ink out of photo shoots.  As a result, you get presented with a stunningly gorgeous model showing off her amazing ink.  One of Sarai’s most prominent tattoos is pretty flowery vine encircling her right ankle.

SaraiG_Tat02SaraiG_Tat04SaraiG_Tat03Sarai also proudly shows off an armband tattoo around her right bicep.

SaraiG_Tat01She also has a phrase of some kind (it might be written in Hebrew) on her left wrist.

SaraiG_Tat05Sarai also has a sexy design running along her lower back.

SaraiG_Tat06You can find out more about Sarai on her official website:

You can see more of her stunning art work here:

And, of course, you can follow her on Twitter at:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Canadian V-J Edition): Lauren Toyota

LToyota_Pic07    For well over a year I have been wanting to do a “New 2 Tats” feature on the impossibly adorable Canadian music reporter, Lauren Toyota.  Lauren frequently displays her beautiful avian tattoo on her right bicep when wearing any number of sleeveless tops.  However, Lauren, in interviews, mentioned having many other tattoos.  So, I opted to wait until I could find decent photos showing her other ink.  I was successful, and now I can finally feature Lauren.

LToyota_Pic04    I found out about Lauren Toyota, pretty much, by accident when I was researching to finding out if another Canadian musical cutie, Carly Rae Jepsen, had any tattoos.  There was a photo at an awards show with Justin Bieber receiving an award from someone who looked a lot like Jepsen.  Since she had been touring with Bieber that summer, I thought this was her and she was showing off some new ink.

LToyota_Pic05    I quickly learned it was not Carly Rae, but Lauren Toyota, a music V-J who was already quite well known in her native Canada, and was starting to get noticed in the U.S.


Here are Carly and Lauren together, proving they are not the same person.

   Lauren is one of the main music personalities in Canada, sort of a Carson Daly of the North.  For years, she has been working as a V-J on two of Canada’s most popular music networks, MuchMusic and MTV Canada.  She has hosted a number of shows on each of those networks and, currently, she is the lead on MuchMusic’s flagship show “New.Music.Live”.  She covers all the latest music news, top songs and videos, as well as getting high profile interviews with big names in the industry.


Lauren clowning around with her tattooed partner-in-crime from MTV Canada and MuchMusic, Phoebe Dykstra

   Lauren has grown up as a huge fan of iconic Canadian teen drama “Degrassi” (a show which counts Kevin Smith as an ardent supporter and was responsible for launching the careers of actress Nina Dobrev and rapper Drake).  She gets to do what every fan of a favorite show would dream of, cover it and be a guest star on it.  In 2012, she portrayed herself in an episode of “Degrassi”, and she has been hosting MTV Canada’s recap show “After Degrassi” (which is much like “Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad” are on AMC)


    In addition to being a mover-and-shaker in the music reporting world, Lauren also happens to be quite the fashionista.  If you follow any of her social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), she is frequently modeling her latest outfits.  She really has an eye for fashion, as she has crafted a style that is sexy, hip and smart, all at the same time.


   Lauren is also a huge pet lover.  She is especially fond of her cat Snicklefritz.  She has even created a Twitter account for this loving feline (  As MuchMusic and the shows on MTV Canada continue to get more attention in the U.S., Lauren’s star personality will continue to gain her more fans.


Lauren looking fierce at cardio boxing

    Lauren’s most famous tattoo is the bird (looks like an eagle) that is emblazoned on her upper right arm.  Unless she is in a freezing cold location, Lauren is always wearing tops that proudly shows this body art off.







While she has admitted to a love of tattoos, it has taken awhile to find good photos of some of her other ink.  Recently, some of her travel photos have her showing off a gorgeous lower back design.  It appears to be a dragon, or some other type of mythical creature.  You can also see another design just below her neck, though it is tough to make out what it is.



Lauren is right in the middle. You can see the telltale bird on her upper right arm


Recently, she has also added a cute arrow design to lower part of her right forearm.


You can find out more about Lauren on her official website:

You can follow her on Twitter at:

You can follow Snicklefritz the Cat on Twitter, too:

Tattoos in the News: That Seahawks Fan doesn’t have to get his Super Bowl Tattoo removed

It looks like Tim Connors, the supremely confident Seattle Seahawks fan who got “XLVIII Champs” added to his tattoo of the Seahawks logo, has had his faith rewarded.  In August, before the season even started, he got this tattoo etched on his arm.  He wasn’t worried about jinxing the team that was a chic pick to go to the Super Bowl this season.  It probably made sense that he went to Good Karma Body Art to get the work done.  Following Seattle’s 43-8 destruction of Denver in the Super Bowl, he will probably be invited to the team’s championship parade.

You read an article about him here:

Here is his confident ink.