Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Championship Promise Edition): Rick Pitino

rickpitino_pic01In the fervor of Louisville’s 82-76 victory of Michigan in the 2013 NCAA National Championship Game, coach Rick Pitino, who had just become the first man to win National Titles for two different schools (the other was Kentucky), revealed a promise he made to his players several weeks earlier:

As a man true to his word, Pitino DID get the tattoo he promised his players he would get.  The photos below show Pitino’s new ink, as well as a photo of him having the tattoo done (in case anyone thought it was a fake)RickPitino_Tat01RickPitino_Tat02RickPitino_Tat03It doesn’t get much more mainstream than Rick Pitino getting tattooed :-).