Athlete Tattoo of the Day (2014 ESPN Body Issue Surfer Edition): Coco Ho

Coco_Ho_Pic07    Each year, when “ESPN The Magazine” releases its popular “Body Issue”, controversy ensues.  Some people have problems with what they claim is the ‘objectification’ of the nude body.  Others have issues with some of the selections for the “Body Issue” (this year, there was much debate about the inclusion of Prince Fielder).  The point that gets missed in each of these complaints is that the “Body Issue” is not about lasciviousness.  It is about showing the beauty of the human form in all shapes and sizes.  It helps to debunk the myths about ‘body type’ that popular culture tries to keep afloat.

(credit:  ESPN)

(credit: ESPN)

One way that the “Body Issues” helps debunk these myths is by showing athletes proudly showing off their body art.  There is no one ‘type’ of person who gets tattoos in this day and age.  All ‘types’ of people enjoy getting inked.  The “Body Issue” helps illustrated this.  In the 2014 issue, one of the featured athletes is the beautiful Hawaiian surfer, Coco Ho.


Coco becoming a world-class professional surfer has pretty much been her birthright.  ‘Hanging ten’ has been a family tradition.  Her father, Michael Ho, won the Hawaiian Triple Crown of surfing back in 1982 (Duke Classic, World Cup and Pipe Masters).  Her uncle, Derek Ho, won the World Surfing Championship in 1993.  Even her older brother, Mason Ho, has been a champion at the junior level.  On top of all this, Coco and her family are also related to famous singer, Don Ho (of “Tiny Bubbles” fame).

Coco_Ho_Pic04     With that kind of family background, it would come us no surprise that Coco started surfing at the young age of 7.  Just a year later, at 8 years old, she secured her first surfing sponsorship.  When she was 11, she made her acting debut in popular surfing film “Blue Crush”.  She portrayed the main character, Anne Marie (played as an adult by Kate Bosworth), as a child.  When she turned 17, Coco qualified for the high-end Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s World Championship Tour.

Coco_Ho_Pic01    Currently ranked the #7 female surfer in the world, Coco has accrued numerous victories on the waves.  Before she joined the ASP Tour in 2009, she won events like the Open Women’s Regional Hawaii and the Hawaii Billabong Junior.  She is a ‘Rookie of the Year’ twice over:  winning it once on the Triple Crown Tour and then again on the ASP Tour.  As a professional, she has won the Maresia Girls International, the World Qualifying and Los Cabos Open of Surf (among others).  Coco has also, regularly, been in the top 3 of Surfer Magazine’s most popular surfers poll.

Coco_Ho_Pic02     In her interview for the ESPN “Body Issue”, which can watched here, Coco describes how she totally fell in love with surfing when her dad took her to the waves when she was in the third grade.  When Coco is not catching a ‘good set’, she spends time volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.  She also uses social media to help motivate and encourage young girls to strive for great things while being comfortable and confident with who they are.


(credit: ESPN)

Coco definitely has a love of body art.  Already she has two tattoos.  Her first represents her strong faith.  It is a little cross on the top of her right hand.


(note: This is a mirror-image photo, which is why the tattoo looks like it is on her left hand)

Her other tattoo is just below her left ankle.  It is a script design that reads “Forever For Family”, obviously emphasizing how important family is to her.

Coco_Ho_Tat05Coco_Ho_Tat06Coco_Ho_Tat01Coco_Ho_Tat03Coco_Ho_Tat02You can find out more about Coco on her official website:

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Hottie Ink Update: Carly Booth and Lzzy Hale

Certainly, there is not much in common between sexy Scottish golfer, Carly Booth, and fierce Halestorm frontwoman, Lzzy Hale.  However, courtesy of photos they shared on their respective social media accounts, I have discovered additional ink (some new… some already known about, but lacking photos).

Carly Booth


   Carly Booth is the stunning young golfer who has already had a very successful career on the amateur and LPGA European Tour, all by the age of 21.  However, she achieved her first major mainstream recognition when she participated in ESPN The Magazine’s annual ‘Body Issue’, a collection of tasteful, nude photos of athletes of all shapes and sizes that celebrates the human form and promotes a healthy body image.  One thing noticeable about Carly’s photo set was a pretty script tattoo running down her right hip.  In interviews she revealed that she actually has 5 tattoos in total.  In my original feature (re-posted below), I featured three of them, as those were the only ones that could be found during research.

Original feature:

However, Carly continues to show pride in her athletic form and her body art when made this photo her Twitter profile pic

CBooth_TatUpdate01     Though I cannot determine what it says, the writing along her left torso is a wonderful tattoo for her.

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Lzzy Hale


    Lzzy Hale is the quintessential rocker ‘riot grrl’ who truly appreciates showing off her body art (after initially being shy about doing so) and her fierce attitude.  In her original feature (re-posted below), two nice designs along her left rib cage a torso (a diving bird and a design that looks to be a combination of a dream catcher and Halestorm’s logo) were visible:

   One of the ways Lzzy and Halestorm bond with their fans is through a shared love of body art, most notably the Halestorm logo.  Big time fans of Halestorm, who have chosen to get inked with that logo, will get featured by the band on its social media accounts.  Lzzy also joins in the fun with several of her own Halestorm logo tattoos.  The first new one I could find was on her upper back, just below her neck:

Lzzy_TatUpdate02   The next one was on her left hip.  She got this one to celebrate reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter, and promised her fans she would share it with them.  It’s a pretty cool design:

Lzzy_TatUpdate_01Continue to follow Lzzy on Twitter at: