Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Surfer Girl Edition): Kelia Moniz

KMoniz_Pic03   Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a surfer in Hawaii (and they all seem to live in Hawaii).  It seems so calm and peaceful.  To be able to spend your days with the sand between your toes and taking on some righteous waves seems positively zen.  However, unless you are independently wealthy from an inheritance or Powerball win, living that life does require quite a bit of effort.

KMoniz_Pic02    Kelia Moniz is the another in a long line of female surfers (I have already featured Coco Ho) who go after that dream life with a commitment and devotion that people usually don’t put forth in other walks of life.  Sure, surfing carries the appeal of sun, sand and waves.  But, dedication and professionalism is what makes that life succeed.  Kelia lives that life because she puts that effort forth all the time.


(credit: Ryan Heywood)

Kelia has grown up in the tropical paradise of the Hawaii.  The Asian-Irish beauty found her first waves at the age of 5.  She grew up in a household of brothers who also love to surf.  Oh, and just as a side note, her father was a former professional surfer.  So, it can easily be said that sun and saltwater are in Kelia’s blood.

ASP World Surfing Awards

Kelia showing off her hardware

Kelia’s commitment to her craft has already yielded quite a bit of success.  At just 21 years of age, Kelia just recently captured her second straight world title in the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).

KMoniz_Pic05KMoniz_Pic04     In addition to being an incredibly accomplished surfer, Kelia is a highly sought after model.  Her stunning beauty, with her healthy body image athletic physique, make her a natural in front of the camera.  (That wondrous smile doesn’t hurt, either 😉  ).


Chilling with Selena Gomez.

Kelia is right at home on the surfboard, as well as in full makeup on camera.  Her appeal has the potential to make her an athletic, and pop culture, superstar in the coming years.  It’s a sure bet that her surfing titles with grow well beyond the two she has so far.

(credit:  Christa Renee)

(credit: Christa Renee)

It goes without saying that, even with her athletic accomplishments and natural beauty, Kelia would not be featured here if it wasn’t for her appreciation of body art.  At the current time, she has been spotted with two small tattoos.

Kelia’s first tattoo in a small heart on the outside of her right wrist (not unlike the one British singer Foxes has)


KMoniz_Tat01Her other tattoo is the Roman numeral VII (7) on her left forearm.  I don’t know its significance, but it is definitely cute.

KMoniz_Tat02    I suspect we will see more ink from Kelia over time.  She seems to like tattoos; they are popular in the surfing community; and Kelia’s Irish heritage gives her a wealth of wonderful designs to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kelia, check these sites:

Official website:












Hottie Ink Update (Big Mama Stef Edition): Stefanie Dolson

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic01   2014 has been a big year for ‘Big Mama Stef’ (Stefanie Dolson’s alias).  When I wrote my first feature on Stefanie, she had just led the Connecticut Huskies to their second straight National Championship in basketball over Notre Dame.  Less than a week later, she was selected #6 overall in the WNBA Draft by the Washington Mystics (and joined a little later by her teammate, Seattle Storm #7 pick, Bria Hartley, who was immediately traded to Washington).

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic02    A little later that summer, she joined her teammates from both UConn Men’s and Women’s championship squads at the White House to be honored by President Barack Obama.  Visits to the White House seem to always be an adventure for Stefanie.  After the 2013 title, she humorously gave President Obama a set of bunny ears.  In 2014, she found the stand behind the President a little too crowded and fell off.  She quickly recovered and, while turning bright red, had a good laugh about it with Obama.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic03     Once the WNBA season started, Stefanie proved to be a strong player off the bench, averaging 6 points per game and helping lead the Mystics to the playoffs.  The highlight of her season is was a triple-overtime game against Los Angeles Sparks, where she recorded her first career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds).  After the Mystics were eliminated, Stefanie began extensively traveling as part of USA Basketball, gaining many new friends and chronicling the experience on social media.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic04    2014 also showed off Stefanie’s growing love of body art, as she added two more to her collection.  No one can ever say that Stefanie does not put a lot of thought and consideration into her tattoos.  Her first two, which I covered in her first feature, were stars on her foot that she got along with her sisters and a Fleur-de-lis on her ankle to commemorate the 2013 National Championship, which UConn won in New Orleans.

Not wanting to play favorites with her National Championships, Stefanie got the Roman Numerals ‘IV-VIII-MMXIV’ etched on her left forearm.  This is for April 8th, 2014, the day UConn defeated Notre Dame to win the 2014 National Championship.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat01    Sadly, Stefanie experienced the loss of her grandma over the summer.  Stefanie used tattoos as a touching way to express how important she was to her.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat02   It is really refreshing to have a such a fun-loving (and ink-loving) person like Big Mama Stef as a part of the D.C. sports scene.  Hopefully, she will be here for a long time and help bring the Mystics the same kind of glory as the Huskies.

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Hottie Ink Update: Selena Gomez gets Tattoo #4 !!

SelenaCover    It goes without saying that Selena Gomez is a huge favorite of “New 2 Tats”.  Each tattoo she gets is wonderfully feminine and fits her perfectly.  Midway through what has been a very trying year for Selena (including a short stay in rehab, continued off-and-on relationship with Justin Bieber, getting unnecessarily over-analyzed in the media and just the overall growing pains of a young woman still working to define who she is), she chose to treat herself to her FOURTH tattoo!  Before we show her new ink, lets recap her body art so far:

Tattoo # 1:  Music Note on her right wrist (which represents her true passion).

SelenaTat3Tattoo # 2:  Roman Numeral LXXVI (76) on the back of her neck [Represents the year of her mother’s birth].

SelenaTat2_01Tattoo # 3:  The quote “Jesus Strengthens Me” along her right hip (It is a reference to the Biblical verse Philippians 4:13)

Selena_Tat3_02Now, for the grand reveal of Selena’s new tattoo, which only appeared on her Instagram account today (though she apparently has had it for about a month).

SelenaG_Tat04_Tat01Along Selena’s right rib cage, and running partway across her back, is an Arabic phrase that means, “Love Yourself First”.  No doubt this has significant meaning to a woman learning the importance of her inner strength and confidence.  Of course, Selena doesn’t let anyone put a needle her to skin other than ‘tattoo artist the to stars’, Bang Bang.


Here’s hoping this means that ONLY Bang Bang will do her body art… and not that tattoo # 4 is her last one.

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Hottie Ink Update (Big Bang Theory Edition): Kaley Cuoco


(credit: Ryan Sweeting)

I have noticed a pattern when it comes to New Year’s Eve and Kaley Cuoco.  On December 31st, 2012, I published a “New 2 Tats” about Penny from “Big Bang Theory”.  December 31st, 2013 turns out to have provided the inspiration for the next feature for the ‘fan boy’ #1 star.


(Ryan’s tattoos)

On that day, Kaley married professional tennis player, Ryan Sweeting.  Born in the Bahamas, Sweeting came to the United States to play the ‘sport of kings’.  While he has achieved a Men’s Singles ranking as high as #64, his biggest ‘love match’ occurred off the court.  In the middle of 2013, he and Kaley began dating.  The decided to end 2013 (and kick off 2014) with a bang and get hitched.


(credit: Splash News)

Kaley and Ryan marked their union with body art.  On Ryan’s left arm and on Kaley’s back, they each go the Roman Numerals signifying their wedding date:  XII, XXXI, XIII (12th Month, 31st Day, the year ending in 13).

(credit:  splash news)

(credit: splash news)

In addition, Kaley seems to have added another piece of art.  In a recent Instagram post, in a bathing suit, she seems to be showing off a new tattoo on her left torso (although, I’m not able to tell what it is).

KaleyC_NewTat_03You can continued to follow Kaley on Twitter at:

You can also follow her on Instagram at: (Yes, that is really her account name)

Hottie Ink Updates: Ashley Greene and Janel Parrish

One of the things I am trying to do more regularly here at “New 2 Tats” is provide updates of celebrities getting new tattoos, even if it does not call for a full blog entry of its own.  It’s important to stay up to date on new ink.  Otherwise, this blog runs the risk of becoming stale and forgettable, like those sites that throw together a gallery of celebrity tattoos and then never updates the gallery.

Today we are highlighting two celebrity hotties who have added more ink recently.  One is a self-confessed tattoo-addict and the other is only on her second tattoo, but will no doubt be adding more over time.

Janel Parrish

Back in July, the former “Bratz” actress and current “Pretty Little Liars” star made it on to this blog courtesy of a handful of noticeable tattoos and a memorable interview where she confessed to having 11 pieces of body art in total.  The original feature can be read here:

Since then, Janel has clearly added to her collection.  In an October update (which you can read here:, I highlighted her additional work alongside her left torso, a beautiful floral design.


She has added yet even more.  A new tattoo that regularly seen is the roman numeral ‘III’ on the inside of her left forearm, just below the elbow.  The pictures below show this new tattoo, along with some newer looks at her torso flower tattoo, which has garnered new attention following a recent sexy photo shoot



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Ashley Greene


   The “Twilight” movie series may have come to an end (not a moment too soon for some of us), but the glamorous and sexy Ashley Greene isn’t going anywhere.  Her elegant look and manner will continue to set the silver screen aflame for years to come. 

   In another bit of good fortune, she seems content to present more opportunities to feature her on “New 2 Tats”.  Previously, Ashley was recognized for an incredibly cute key and heart design behind her left ear (  During a recent stay in New Orleans, she decided she wanted to bring some additional ink back home as a memento.  She visitied Downtown Tattoos in the Crescent City to get “Life’s a Dream” inscripted on her left foot.


   Although she is missing some punctuation in the tattoo (something that is easily remedied), she seems to be quite fond of it.  She has featured an up close look at it on her Twitter page and she has shown it off during public appearances since she got it.  You can see this new tattoo below




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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day [Awesome Update]: Selena Gomez gets her second!

Tattoo #3 Tattoo #4

Let’s hop in the Wayback machine and travel back to those simpler times before February 2012….before the sweet and sexy Selena Gomez joined ‘Club Ink’.  Yes, she was (and seemingly still is) dating the heavily inked Bieber… and yes, many of the Disney types in her own age group had recently gotten their first tattoos (followed second, third, and [in Miley Cyrus’ case], 14th]).  Yet, there were still a feeling (and perhaps a hope among the anti-ink crowd) that Selena would not succumb to such an ‘impulsive’ choice.

February 2012 put all that discussion to rest as Selena got her first tattoo, which was a very cute, dainty music note on her right wrist.  I, for one, loved it (granted, it helped that I had recently gotten over my dislike of tattoos and joined ‘Club Ink’ one month earlier, myself).  For a reminder, here is how she looked after getting her first tattoo:

Like me, it took Selena exactly 8 months to go from Tattoo #1 to Tattoo #2.  Courtesy of one of my good friends, I was sent this story of her getting her second tattoo on September 30th.

It is the Roman Numerals for 76 etched in to the back of her neck.  All we know about its significance is that is a tribute to a family member who means a lot to her.  If she chooses to share more about that later on, that will be here choice.  But, for now, we can enjoy this new body art.

She went to famous tattoo artist Bang Bang in New York (who has placed some of Rihanna’s ink on her body and is responsible for Vanessa Hudgens very cute butterfly neck tattoo).

I would say it is very likely we will be seeing more ink on Selena as time passes.  If she stays with these very pretty, very feminine designs and placements, it will be a visual treat.