Maxim Hot 100 of 2013 on “New 2 Tats”


Maxim Magazine has, once again, graced the hot-blooded celebrity fan’s world with their annual list of the Hot 100 Sexiest Women. In a feature that I look forward to sharing each year, I am recognizing those ladies on the Hot 100 who have also been featured on “New 2 Tats”.

I’m pleased to announce that 15 of 2013’s Maxim Hot 100 have been featured on “New 2 Tats” (a number that I look forward to seeing increase as I post more features and more of these ladies get inked). Included is the #2 of 2013, Selena Gomez. (How she lost to Miley Cyrus for #1 will always remain a mystery to me).

You can read the full Maxim feature on their website:

Now, here’s a tribute those 15 hotties who helped show how sexy tattoos can be.

First, here is the summary of the 15 who made the list:

  • #87: Katie Cassidy
  • #51: Brittany Snow
  • #47: Ashley Greene
  • #39: Lea Michele
  • #38: Zoe Saldana
  • #36: Leighton Meester
  • #34: Adrianne Palicki
  • #32: Kaley Cuoco
  • #31: Charlize Theron
  • #29: Ronda Rousey
  • #21: Emma Stone
  • #18: Arianny Celeste
  • #9: Vanessa Hudgens
  • #7: Ashley Tisdale
  • #2: Selena Gomez

Now, here is review of their featured posts to help refresh you memories as to how wonderful their ink truly is.

#87: Katie Cassidy. The sexy daughter of 70’s teen heartthrob, David Cassidy


#51: Brittany Snow. The former “American Dreams” sweetheart who was ‘Pitch Perfect’ this year.

BSnow_Tat03#47: Ashley Greene. The “Twilight” hottie who continues to raise temperatures nationwide.

AGreeneTat2#39: Lea Michele. The “Glee” siren, who made having lots of ink acceptable for ‘good’ girls, too.

Lea_Mich_Tat_04#38: Zoe Saldana. A fan boy (and fan girl) favorite for her smoldering performance as Uhura in the “Star Trek” reboot, and from her incredibly sexy Allure photo shoot.

ZSal_Allure#36: Leighton Meester. “Gossip Girl’s” resident bad seed.

LMeest_Tat_02#34: Adrianne Palicki. That self-admitted tattoo ‘addict’ who gained a ‘legion’ of fans with her role in the “G.I. Joe” sequel.

APalicki_Tat2#32: Kaley Cuoco. Another perpetual nerd dream girl; Penny from “Big Bang Theory”

KaleyC_Tat2#31: Charlize Theron. The classically beautiful movie superstar.

CharlizeTTat4#29: Ronda Rousey. UFC’s latest, greatest a$$-kicker.

RRousey_Tat01#21: Emma Stone. The prototype of the quirky, sexy tomboy.

EmmaTat2#18: Arianny Celeste. With Ronda Rousey, they show how hot the UFC can be inside AND outside the octagon.

ACeleste_Tat01#9: Vanessa Hudgens. Showing how nicely Disney starlets can grow up.

VHudgTat1#7: Ashley Tisdale. Hudgens’ fair-haired partner-in-crime.

TisdaleTat2#2 (and SHOULD have been #1): Selena Gomez. The stunning “Springbreaker” who is making sexy positively nuclear.

SelenaTat2_01I’m looking forward to an even more amazing feature in 2014.


Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Ronda Rousey

MMA: UFC on Fox 3-Koscheck vs HendricksI feel obligated to feature Olympic Medalist and MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, in “New 2 Tats” for two reasons:  1.)  She’s freakin’ hot!… and 2.) She’d probably kick my a$$ if I didn’t (and, with her skills, I wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight).

RRousey_Pic07Rousey is making waves recently as the first female to sign with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  While she, and many other women, have fought Mixed Martial Arts for years, Rousey is the first to be asked to join the preeminent promotion in all of MMA.

Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey

Before she made a big splash in MMA, Rousey was an Olympic-caliber athlete in Judo.  At age 17, she qualified for the 2004 Athens Summer Games and, in 2008, she won the Bronze Medal in the 70kg weight class at the Beijing Summer Games.


In August 2010, she made her MMA debut in an amateur match.  A year later, she began fighting in the Strikeforce promotion, which definitely put her on many people’s radar.  The fiery and unapologetic Rousey has the makings of a UFC superstar with her good looks and strong force of personality.  She’s a consumate trash-talker and does not back down from anyone.  This is one of the main reasons why UFC head, Dana White, made her the pioneer.

Earlier this year, Rousey posed in the annual, and provocative, ESPN: The Magazine “Body Issue”.  Her photo shoot revealed (in a spot that only a photo shoot like this like could have shown) that she adopted what has become a right of passage among Olympic athletes:  she got herself an Olympic Rings tattoo just below her bikini line.


Aside from being incredibly hot, it highlights a tradition that is becoming mainstream and very important among world-class athletes.  Commemorating a tremendous athletic accomplishment like competing in the Olympic Games with body art is a practice that has been embraced by everyone from Olympic veterans like Michael Phelps to brand new first-timers like Missy Franklin.  Their performance in the Olympic Games will always be something proud that defines a special part of their lives.  It is proper that it should be honored in this manner.


While Rousey’s “Body Issue” photo shoot displays her most notable tattoo, she has continued to honor her Olympic experience with what appears to be four different tattoos encircling her right ankle.  Three of the tattoos have Olympic-inspired imagery.  The fourth is a quote on the front of the ankle that reads ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, which is the motto of the Olympic games and means ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’.


It should be fun to see the kind of spark that Rousey is going to bring to the UFC in the coming months.  Her personality promises that it won’t be boring.  You can enjoy some more Rondy Rousey photos below.  Some are tattoo-specific and others just show the good-looking Rousey.



You can following Rousey’s MMA career on her official website:

and, you can follow her directly on Twitter: