Tattoos News (Touching Tribute Edition): Zelda Williams


What makes tattoos such an important social construct is that they go well beyond being just a fun body accessory for showing off.  In many cases, they end up truly having a deep personal meaning for the person who wears the ink.  ‘Deep personal meaning’ is not some trite cliche people use to justify their tattoos.  Rather, if you ask people about their ink, they can tell some fascinating and touching stories about what inspired them to get the work done.

ZeldaWilliams_Pic02     One of the most poignant modern examples of this is the tribute that actress, Zelda Williams, paid to her father, the legendary Robin Williams, through the medium of tattooing.  In August 2014, Robin Williams’ legions of fans felt the shock and pain of losing such a great (and beloved) talent, whose iconic roles deeply touched so many people.  Roles in films and tv shows like “Mork & Mindy”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Dead Poets Society”, and “Good Will Hunting” (a role his that is a personal favorite of mine).  As much as the fans felt their own pain, they felt tremendous empathy for Zelda’s devastating personal loss.

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Walt Disney's World Premiere of 'Old Dogs' held at El Capitan Theatre Hollywood, California - 09.11.09 Featuring: Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Where: California When: 09 Nov 2009 Credit: WENN

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams
Credit: WENN

The unfortunate thing is that, despite all the touching tributes to her father and people expressing their condolences to her, there was still that ugly, ugly segment of internet society that posted awful, horrific comments to her on her social media accounts.  Reflecting a poise and grace that may not be evident in other people, Zelda did not give in to that awful treatment.  She rightfully took time away from her social media accounts to cope with her father’s passing and to begin the healing process.


A few months later, she returned with a heartbreaking and moving tribute to her father.  On her right hand, just beneath her thumb, she got a tattoo of a hummingbird, which serves as a touching reminder of her father (to always put her hand out and shake with a smile).  Lower on her right forearm, she added the date, “7-21-51”, which is the day Robin Williams was born.  This stunning artwork was crafted by the incomparable Dr. Woo of the famous LA Shamrock Social Club tattoo studio.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

On her left wrist, Zelda has what appears to be an interpretation of the female gender symbol.  She has had this one for several years.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Since returning to social media, Zelda has used it as a forum to advocate for many worth social causes (animal rescue, marriage equality, etc.)  She has also been showing that she is living life with zest, just like her father (as witnessed by some of her recent fun at the San Diego Comic-Con).

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Zelda is an inspiring person whose grace in the face of tragedy, as well as awful behavior by others, can serve as an example to us all.

If you wish to follow Zelda on social media (and please be respectful if you do), you can find her here:




Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Girls” Edition): Zosia Mamet

ZosiaM_Pic06    The introduction of HBO’s “Girls” to the pop culture landscape has proven to be one of the more polarizing phenomenon’s in recent memory.  Created, and written, by lead actress Lena Dunham, “Girls” stories of the personal and professional angst of young 20-somethings living in New York has been received as a revelation by one segment of audiences, while being viewed as horribly irritating by another.

ZosiaM_Pic03    The lead cast members of “Girls” are a literal ‘Who’s Who?’ of famous offspring.  Dunham (who plays Hannah) is the daughter of noted artists Carroll Dunham and Laurie Simmons.  Jemima Kirke (who plays Jessa) is the daughter of Simon Kirke, the former drummer for the rock band Bad Company.  Allison Williams (Marnie) is the daughter of Brian Williams, the lead anchor of “NBC Nightly News”.  Finally, there is Zosia Mamet (who plays Shoshanna).  If her last name sounds familiar, it should.  She is the daughter of world famous playwright, David Mamet.

ZosiaM_Pic07    Zosia’s artistic bloodlines are inherited just from her father.  Her mother, Lindsay Crouse, is an actress with a fairly lengthy resume.  Among Lindsay’s roles were “All the President’s Men”, “Slap Shot” and “The Insider”.  Zosia’s grandfather (and Lindsay’s father) is play Russel Crouse.  So, it would make sense that Zosia would gravitate towards this profession.

ZosiaM_Pic05     Zosia’s career did not overwhelm her childhood.  Until she was an adult, Zosia had two small film roles as a child, and one more as a teenager.  When she turned 18, she scored a guest-starring role in her father’s military action series “The Unit”.  Zosia soon followed that up with an extended role on the Showtime dramedy about multiple personalities, “The United States of Tara” (alongside the very talented Toni Collette).  She played Courtney, the very amorous and controlling girlfriend of Tara’s son, Marshall.  Zosia also spent time on “Parenthood” and “Mad Men” before landing her biggest role to date.

ZosiaM_Pic02     In 2012, Zosia joined the cast of “Girls” as Shoshanna Shapiro, the virginal (but curious) member of Hannah’s inner circle of confused, young adults trying to learn the ways of life in the big city.  “Girls” has been a critical darling (with Emmy, Golden Globe and Director’s Guild Awards to its credit), and it has helped raise Zosia’s profile in the industry.  When she’s not experiencing angst as Shoshanna, Zosia is also provided her vocal talents to the animated series “High School USA!” and is working on her first lead film role in “Shiva and May”.

ZosiaM_Pic04     One thing fans of “Girls” have noticed is that it seems like all the lead actresses are fans of body art.  With the exception of Allison Williams (who opted not to get any tattoos when co-star, Jemima Kirke [who has tattooed Lena Dunham] said they weren’t right for Williams], the other lead actresses all have ink.  One of the first tattoos I noticed of Zosia’s was a heart on the palm of her right hand.  Initially, it looked like she may have been goofing around with a Sharpie, but I have seen this tattoo in several different photo sets over a period of time.  So, this odd tattoo appears to be the real deal.

ZosiaM_Tat01   Zosia has several other tattoos on her hand, as well.  On her right pinky finger, she has a column of three dots just below the fingernail, followed by a dainty anchor tattoo.

zosiam_tat04Also, on that same hand, Zosia has a little diamond-like design and a squiggly line

ZosiaM_Tat03    Zosia has also followed a common feminine trend of getting inked on her feet.  While I have not been able to determine the meaning behind these designs, they are intriguing, cute tattoos.  The include some symbolic scripting along the inside of her right foot and an arrow design with lines below it on her left foot.


(Credit:  Joseph Marzullo)

(Credit: Joseph Marzullo)

You can find out more about Zosia on her official website:

Zosia can be followed on Twitter at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Californication Edition): Addison Timlin

AddisonTimlin_Pic05     Addison Timlin is one of those actresses who managed to make the transition from child star to very revealing adult roles without looking like she was desperately trying to prove she was grown up.  Part that may be attributable to the fact that she took the hard-earned steps in acting, such as a stage performance, rather than being churned out by the child-starlet factories of Disney and Nickelodeon.

AddisonTimlin_Pic07     Addison’s acting passion began at the young age of 9, when she toured in a national production of the beloved musical “Annie”.  She performed every orphan role before securing the title role.  After “Annie”, she performed in “Gypsy” alongside Broadway legend Bernadette Peters.

AddisonTimlin_Pic06     Following her stage career, Addison made her major film debut in the 2005 film “Derailed” alongside Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston.  She portrays a young girl who is suffering from diabetes whose father’s life if spiraling out of control when he becomes the target of a long scam.  Following that film, Addison was in a few other minor roles on forgettable television shows, like “3 lbs.” and “Cashmere Mafia”, before landing the breakthrough role of a lifetime.

AddisonTimlin_Pic02     In the fourth season of the Showtime smash hit “Californication”, Addison assumes a role that is very much art imitating life, simultaneously.  She portrayed Sasha Bingham, a former sweetheart teen movie star who is making the leap to adult roles by taking the role of the illicit love interest of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is the movie based on the book about Moody’s scandalous affair with Mia Lewis (Madeline Zima).  While this was shockingly adult for anyone who was familiar with her earlier work, Addison owned that performance.

AddisonTimlin_Pic01     Addison has also managed to carve out a little niche as a love interest in music videos.  The most notable of these was as ‘Juliet’ in the video for the We the Kings song “Check Yes Juliet”.  She portrays the potential love interest of the band’s lead singer (a guy who looks like he hasn’t showered in over two weeks).  She was also in The Shins video for “sleeping lessons”.

AddisonTimlin_Pic04    Addison is currently starring on the television series “Zero Hour”.  She also has several movies in the pipeline.  She will be starring alongside Zac Efron in the upcoming romantic comedy “That Awkward Moment”.  She will also be in current year films such as “Fallen” and “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”.

AddisonTimlin_Pic03     Addison loves tattoos.  She has numerous small script and symbolic tattoos on her body, mostly in the arm and wrist area.  I cannot make out the designs on all of them, but I do have photos of most, if not all of them.  Addison’s most visible tattoo on her left shoulder.  It reads “The Lost One”.

AddisonTimlin_Tat08AddisonTimlin_Tat01     You can also see that Addison has a script letter on the top of her left wrist and a symbol of some kind on the inside of the same wrist.  She has 4 dots along the outside of her right wrist and she has some more scripting running down her left forearm.

AddisonTimlin_Tat03AddisonTimlin_Tat06Running down her right forearm is a script tattoo that I believe reads “Live, Love”.


AddisonTimlin_Tat07She has also recently been spotted with a symbol on her right hand that looks like the letter J.

AddisonTimlin_Tat05AddisonTimlin_Tat04    Addison does not have any official or fan websites, but you can follow her on Twitter:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Fast and Furious Edition): Elsa Pataky

ElsaP_Pic05    The return of the “The Fast and the Furious” movie series with its newest installment “Fast & Furious 6” brings about the return of the incredibly attractive Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky, who portrays Brazilian police officer (and Dominic Torretto love interest), Elena Neves.  Although her role is a bit smaller than the one from “Fast Five”, she still effectively conveys the same strength and vulnerability of Neves from the earlier film.

ElsaP_Pic02     While the “Fast and Furious” films have been her most notable screen credits, Elsa has been acting on film and TV for over 15 years.  She also happens to be married to ‘Thor’, himself, actor Chris Hemsworth.


   The gorgeous Elsa began her acting career in her early 20’s in the Spanish television series “Al salir de clase”.  She decided to leave school to take that role and has not looked back since.  She largely participated in Spanish and international cinema before she first reached U.S. audiences in the hilariously titled, but underwhelming, “Snakes on a Plane”.


    Elsa continued her run in foreign films until struck it big in the 2011 blockbuster “Fast Five”.  In that film, she played a Brazilian police officer committed to taking down one of Rio’s most notorious drug cartels, who were responsible for the death of her husband.  She allies with both Dominic Toretto’s crew and special agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to make that happen.   The stunning success of that film, and its sequel, have opened many doors in Hollywood for Pataky.


    It is very noticeable in “Fast Five” that Elsa sports a few pieces of sexy, feminine body art.  Two of her tattoos are visible in the film, and she has at least one more that is visible in publicity photos.

    The first of Elsa’s tattoos is crescent moon on her right hip.



   On Elsa’s right upper arm, there appears a small symbol of what could be a letter from an ancient alphabet, or some other type of esoteric design.



   Finally, she has a scripted phrase running along the inside of her left foot (I cannot make out what it says).



You can find out more about Elsa on her official website:

At this time, Elsa does not appear to have a Twitter account.