Tattoos News (Touching Tribute Edition): Zelda Williams


What makes tattoos such an important social construct is that they go well beyond being just a fun body accessory for showing off.  In many cases, they end up truly having a deep personal meaning for the person who wears the ink.  ‘Deep personal meaning’ is not some trite cliche people use to justify their tattoos.  Rather, if you ask people about their ink, they can tell some fascinating and touching stories about what inspired them to get the work done.

ZeldaWilliams_Pic02     One of the most poignant modern examples of this is the tribute that actress, Zelda Williams, paid to her father, the legendary Robin Williams, through the medium of tattooing.  In August 2014, Robin Williams’ legions of fans felt the shock and pain of losing such a great (and beloved) talent, whose iconic roles deeply touched so many people.  Roles in films and tv shows like “Mork & Mindy”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Dead Poets Society”, and “Good Will Hunting” (a role his that is a personal favorite of mine).  As much as the fans felt their own pain, they felt tremendous empathy for Zelda’s devastating personal loss.

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Walt Disney's World Premiere of 'Old Dogs' held at El Capitan Theatre Hollywood, California - 09.11.09 Featuring: Robin Williams and Zelda Williams Where: California When: 09 Nov 2009 Credit: WENN

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams
Credit: WENN

The unfortunate thing is that, despite all the touching tributes to her father and people expressing their condolences to her, there was still that ugly, ugly segment of internet society that posted awful, horrific comments to her on her social media accounts.  Reflecting a poise and grace that may not be evident in other people, Zelda did not give in to that awful treatment.  She rightfully took time away from her social media accounts to cope with her father’s passing and to begin the healing process.


A few months later, she returned with a heartbreaking and moving tribute to her father.  On her right hand, just beneath her thumb, she got a tattoo of a hummingbird, which serves as a touching reminder of her father (to always put her hand out and shake with a smile).  Lower on her right forearm, she added the date, “7-21-51”, which is the day Robin Williams was born.  This stunning artwork was crafted by the incomparable Dr. Woo of the famous LA Shamrock Social Club tattoo studio.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

On her left wrist, Zelda has what appears to be an interpretation of the female gender symbol.  She has had this one for several years.

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Since returning to social media, Zelda has used it as a forum to advocate for many worth social causes (animal rescue, marriage equality, etc.)  She has also been showing that she is living life with zest, just like her father (as witnessed by some of her recent fun at the San Diego Comic-Con).

(credit: Zelda's IG account)

(credit: Zelda’s IG account)

Zelda is an inspiring person whose grace in the face of tragedy, as well as awful behavior by others, can serve as an example to us all.

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Celebrity Tattoo Update: Danielle Harris Torso Portrait

Initially, I was going to include Danielle Harris and her completed torso portrait in my “Hottie Ink Update” feature with other celebrities.  However, the final product was so stunning, I felt it worthy of its own feature.


Here is the original feature on Danielle:

Danielle Harris   Nearly a year ago, I featured former child actress, and reigning ‘Scream Queen’, Danielle Harris.  Since her days as a young actress on shows like “Roseanne”, she has grown up beautifully and added some stellar art to her body.    At the time of my initial feature, Danielle was in the process of getting an elaborate portrait drawn on her side.

DanielleHarris_Tat06   I was always curious to see how it would turn out.  Now, we have photos of this completed tattoo in full detail as she shows it off in a sexy photo shoot as recent cover girl for “Inked” Magazine.  The torso portrait, which meshes well with her hip tattoo gives Danielle some exquisite body art running down her left side.

DHarris_TatUpdate_03DHarris_TatUpdate_02DHarris_TatUpdate_01Of course, you can continue to follow Danielle on Twitter:

You can also read about her cover shoot in “Inked” Magazine here:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Krewella Sister Act Edition): Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf


    Earlier this year, the wide music audience got introduced to the synthpop beats of electro house trio, Krewella, with their first major hit, “Alive”.  “Alive” reached #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and provided a welcome party for the DJ’ing skills and passionate vocals of the sister act of this group:  Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf.


    Exotic names aside (they are half-Pakistani), Yasmine and Jahan (along with their  third member, Rain Main [Kris Trindl]) hail from the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago.  Below are some solo shots of the sisters so you know who’s who:

Yasmine Yousaf


Danny Bloo: Hy-Tekk Productions.


Jahan Yousaf


The Sisters together


    The power of Krewella’s “Alive” has already guaranteed them repeated spins in my iPod workout playlist.  They are now starting to get some radio play on a new single called “Live For the Night”.  It dabbles in bit of dubstep on top of the synthpop and stellar vocals.

While they are now making their big splash on mainstream radio, Krewella has already been a major player in electronic dance music (EDM), headlining such festivals as Stereosonic, Spring Awakening and Ultra Music Festival.

Krewella_Pic01   One thing that is not hard to notice about these uber-sexy sisters is their overwhelming love of tattoos.  Both sisters have numerous pieces of body art running all along their arms (the intertwined symbol on Jahan’s arm is the Vajra Brush, a spiritual art design done by tattooist Alex Grey [who also did some of Olivia Olson’s ink].  In their video for “Alive”, Yasmine shows off stars on the front of her left shoulder and ink on her torso.  Jahan also has a few tattoos on her neck, including the date “6-8-10”, which commemorates when the sisters made the decision to commit themselves to their music careers.



Krewella_Tat02     There is also a very fun tattoo that has been recently spotted on Yasmine’s right bicep.  It is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.


You can get a lot of fun features, photos, videos and information on Krewella at their official website:

They are also Twitter’d up:




   With their stunning beats, incredible vocals and fun, fierce personalities, Krewella should be a player for a while.  The music industry will benefit if they are.

Hottie Ink Updates: Ashley Greene and Janel Parrish

One of the things I am trying to do more regularly here at “New 2 Tats” is provide updates of celebrities getting new tattoos, even if it does not call for a full blog entry of its own.  It’s important to stay up to date on new ink.  Otherwise, this blog runs the risk of becoming stale and forgettable, like those sites that throw together a gallery of celebrity tattoos and then never updates the gallery.

Today we are highlighting two celebrity hotties who have added more ink recently.  One is a self-confessed tattoo-addict and the other is only on her second tattoo, but will no doubt be adding more over time.

Janel Parrish

Back in July, the former “Bratz” actress and current “Pretty Little Liars” star made it on to this blog courtesy of a handful of noticeable tattoos and a memorable interview where she confessed to having 11 pieces of body art in total.  The original feature can be read here:

Since then, Janel has clearly added to her collection.  In an October update (which you can read here:, I highlighted her additional work alongside her left torso, a beautiful floral design.


She has added yet even more.  A new tattoo that regularly seen is the roman numeral ‘III’ on the inside of her left forearm, just below the elbow.  The pictures below show this new tattoo, along with some newer looks at her torso flower tattoo, which has garnered new attention following a recent sexy photo shoot



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Ashley Greene


   The “Twilight” movie series may have come to an end (not a moment too soon for some of us), but the glamorous and sexy Ashley Greene isn’t going anywhere.  Her elegant look and manner will continue to set the silver screen aflame for years to come. 

   In another bit of good fortune, she seems content to present more opportunities to feature her on “New 2 Tats”.  Previously, Ashley was recognized for an incredibly cute key and heart design behind her left ear (  During a recent stay in New Orleans, she decided she wanted to bring some additional ink back home as a memento.  She visitied Downtown Tattoos in the Crescent City to get “Life’s a Dream” inscripted on her left foot.


   Although she is missing some punctuation in the tattoo (something that is easily remedied), she seems to be quite fond of it.  She has featured an up close look at it on her Twitter page and she has shown it off during public appearances since she got it.  You can see this new tattoo below




Catch more of Ashley on Twitter: