Hottie Ink Update (250th Feature Edition!): Jennifer Stone


    It has been awhile since I last posted a feature on ‘New 2 Tats’.  It has been one of those situations where the job can sometimes get in the way of a hobby (or ‘labor of love’, as I have long referred to this blog).  I think a great celebrity to help get the ball rolling again is Jennifer Stone.

JenStone_Update_Pic02   It has been absolutely no secret that one of the all-time favorites here at “New 2 Tats” is Selena Gomez (a former child star who, despite the pressures of growing up in the harsh spotlight of fame… made even stronger by her former high profile relationship with Justin Bieber…. has managed to stay fairly grounded….   and she has a great love of body art).

JenStone_Update_Pic01    However, Selena’s fellow child star, and co-star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Jennifer Stone is fast becoming another big favorite.  While her post-“Wizards” career has been quieter than Selena’s, one only needs to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see she’s making moves and enjoying life.  One can also see exactly how much her love of tattoos has grown.

JenStone_Update_Pic03    When I first published a feature on Jennifer, she just had one widely-known tattoo (though, I gather, she had already acquired others at that point).  That first tattoo of her’s was not a tiny, hard to see design.  She went bold with the bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 just beneath her shoulders.  She first showed it off elegantly on the red carpet in a gorgeous black dress.


    Jennifer now finds herself spending time working on many different endeavors, including modeling and music, while still keeping and ear to ground for the next good acting opportunity.  She recently participated in a Project Mermaids photo shoot, an environmental charity where many celebrities pose in mermaid outfits to help bring awareness and raise funds for protecting beaches and oceans.

JenStone_Update_Pic04     Jennifer also uses social media show the fun she is having in life, such as when running a race, or going skydiving.



    One of the more prominent tattoos that is seen on Jennifer is an Italian phrase circling her left wrist (I do not have the translation).



Jennifer also has another foreign phrase running along the inside of her right wrist.



   During her Project Mermaids photo shoot, she showed off what appears to a be a gorgeous piece of body art on her torso.  Available photos have not been able to show a clear depiction of the design, but it looks stunning.


  Jennifer’s most recent turn under the tattoo needle is an old-style pocket watch design, which includes the phrase ‘Made in Texas’ on one half (she was born there), and a quote by Tennessee Williams from his ‘Catastrophe of Success’ essay on the other half.  A later photo of Jennifer with friends at the beach shows this design appears on her right thigh (the photo also shows another script tattoo underneath her left breast).




    The boldness and enthusiasm with which Jennifer approaches body art all but guarantees we will be treated to more stunning tattoos from her in the future.  I can tell from following her on social media that she is going to have some entertaining projects coming up in the future as well.

You can follow Jennifer on her social media accounts here:



(Photo Credits:  Unless otherwise specified, all photos are courtesy of Jennifer’s Instagram account)


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Nikki Reed

NikkiReed_Pic01    Actress Nikki Reed sure knew how to make a stunning first impression when she made her big screen debut (her first acting performance ever) at the age of 15 in the shocking drama about teens gone bad, “Thirteen” (starring with Evan Rachel Wood).

nikkireed_pic04     Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, “Thirteen” is the story of a relatively well-adjusted (but socially awkward) young teen girl, Tracy (played by Wood), whose life gets thrown all out of whack when she crosses paths with the wild and promiscuous Evie (played by Reed).  It’s sobering look at the terrible influences that may be beyond a parent’s control.  What is stunning about the film is not Reed’s powerful performance (which earned deserved raves), it was the fact that Reed wrote the movie, herself.  It was based on her own similar experience at that age (she says the ‘Tracy’ character is who she was in real life).  Nikki had served notice that she was a new powerhouse talent.

nikkireed_pic05     The critical success of “Thirteen” immediately opened many doors for Nikki.  Soon, she got cast in the skateboard film “Lords of Dogtown”, which was a fictionalized version of the documentary “Dogtown and Z-Boys”.  She followed that up with a role in “American Gun”, a poignant independent film about the impact of guns and gun violence on different segments of one community.

NikkiReed_Pic03     Nikki then got her hands on some saucier roles.  First, she landed a gig on the mid-2000’s guilty pleasure “The O.C.”.   Then, she had her next major lead performance in “Mini’s First Time”, an odd film about where she plays a painfully bored teen who tries to spice up her life with acts such as becoming a call girl and trying to have her mom committed to an insane asylum.

Twilight    In 2008, Nikki went into full blockbuster mode when she took the role of Rosalie Hale in the ‘tween film epic “Twilight” (a film series that is the bane of anyone beyond the ‘tween years in age).  [Thankfully, it also had another “New 2 Tats” beauty in it, in addition to Nikki.  That was Ashley Greene].  Nikki played Rosalie in all the sequels, as well.

© Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM

© Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM

Lest you think Nikki was an ‘all-work, no-play’ kind of girl, she also recently made some major moves in her personal life.  In 2011, she married her “American Idol” beau, Paul McDonald.  They met while Paul was in the middle the finals of “Idol”, where he finished 8th.  They soon became engaged and then walked down the aisle that October.  Staying in the family vein, Nikki also became godmother to the son of “Twilight” co-star, Jackson Rathbone, and was maid of honor at the wedding of “Spy Kids” Alexa Vega.

NikkiReed_Pic07     Nikki has been a fan of tattoos almost from the start of her acting career and has never been shy about showing them off.  The vast majority of her tattoos are in the Russian Cyrillic script.  I have been able to identify the meaning of some of them, but not the others.  Starting with the tattoos whose meaning I have not been able to discern, there is a Cyrillic script design on her inner left thigh (visible only when she’s wearing a bathing suit)

NikkiReed_Tat06     The other one I cannot identify is a cute design on the back of her neck.

NikkiReed_Tat04NikkiReed_Tat05    She also has Cyrillic script designs on her left wrist and her right rib cage.  The translation of design on the left wrist means ‘proper’.

NikkiReed_Tat02    On her rib cage, the tattoo translates to ‘must be something more’.

NikkiReed_Tat03NikkiReed_Tat01     Nikki rounds out her body art with a gesture to her husband.  She got his name, ‘Paul’ inked on her finger.  Paul reportedly had Nikki’s name inked on his finger.

NikkiReed_Tat07You can find Nikki’s official website here:

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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Local Radio Personality Edition): Danni Starr

Danni_Starr_KaneShowCrew     Fans of morning talk show “The Kane Show”, broadcast on Hot 99.5 based out of Washington D.C. (with simulcast on several other affiliates), know that the past year has seen a great many personal changes.  During the summer of 2012, Samy, the male id of the show moved on.  Then, in the fall, long-time Hollywood news and local social life personality, Sarah Fraser, left to pursue new solo opportunities in the entertainment field.  All that was left of “The Kane Show” was Kane, himself.

DStarr_pic06    Fortunately, Kane was prepared.  Samy was replaced by his spiritual brother, Intern John.  Sarah’s absence was partially filled by Melanie, a Tampa-radio host who had joined “The Kane Show” during the final few months of Samy and Sarah.  The final piece to the puzzle was added a little while later when Danni Starr (the owner of the best dimples on East Coast) joined the team.

DStarr_pic03    Danni Starr is a familiar face from before her days on radio.  Danni, whose real name is Danielle Epps, is a Minnesota native who first rose to fame as the winner of the 2007 Miss Minnesota International pageant (Miss International is an alternative pageant to Miss Universe).

DStarr_pic01      The entertainment industry held an appeal for Danni after her reign as Miss Minnesota.  She went the radio show route and became a midday host on 96.3 NOW in Minneapolis.  Then, Danni decided to make the jump in the reality television arena, when she participated in “Bridezillas” with her soon-to-be husband, Marlon (aka Bigg Slim).

DStarr_pic04    Not having ever watched that show myself, I can only go off of Danni’s discussions of it on “The Kane Show” and comments I have read on the internet, which reveal it was not a flattering portrayal for her (of course, I don’t think the producers try to make it flattering for anyone who participates) and created some headaches.  However, Danni has taken a positive and constructive path from that experience by continuing to strengthen her marriage with Slim and applying the lessons she learned to other couples in “Marriage Boot Camp”.

DStarr_pic02     Currently, you can get Danni’s entertaining outlook on life every morning on “The Kane Show”.  This new talent has allowed to the show to not miss one single beat.  Her chemistry with Kane, Melanie and Intern John is spot on (although, one has to question the wisdom of allowing Intern John to be a baby sitter …. kidding kidding..  😉 ).  Danni helps make the morning drive to work a bearable one with her compatriots.

DStarr_pic07    As much as I appreciate Danni on “The Kane Show”, she wouldn’t be featured here if she didn’t some have body art.

   In this photo with her pride and joy, her daughter MJ, you can see a nice little script tattoo with hearts on her right wrist.

DStarr_tat01    In this beach photo with her husband, Slim, she shows off a script tattoo running down her right thigh.

DStarr_tat03   One other tattoo of Danni’s is a shamrock in the middle of her back.  I’m a huge fan of shamrock tattoos, as they one of those designs that is perfect for tattooing just about anywhere on the body.  It compliments Danni quite nicely on her back.

DStarr_tat02You can find out more about Danni on these sites:

Miss Minnesota International:

The Kane Show:

And, you can follow her on Twitter here:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Shenae Grimes

SGrimes_Pic07    One thing you can always count on with networks like the CW constantly churning out one teen drama after another is attractive actresses who embrace a love of body art.  Some of the shows are successful and well-received (like “Pretty Little Liars”); some are horrible and quickly destined for the scrap heap (like the 2009 version of “Melrose Place”); and some are mediocre, but have some staying power (like “90210”).

sgrimes_pic05   Shenae Grimes starred for 5 seasons in “90210”, which fit into the latter of those categories.  In that show (which also gave us a ‘New 2 Tats’ feature on Jessica Stroup), she portrayed Annie Wilson, a transplant from Kansas who is struggling to find her place in the fast-paced Beverly Hills sunshine (mirroring the journey of Brenda and Brandon Walsh from the original series).  While “90210” didn’t particularly impress critics, Shenae did grab a Teen Choice Aware nomination in 2010 for her role.

SGrimes_Pic01    Shenae hails from the talented acting hotbed known as Canada (what’s that all aboot, eh?).  So, it would only make sense that her first acting role would be as the teenage version of Canadian country music star, Shania Twain.  She would have a few guest star roles on forgotten tv series over the next year until she got her first major break in 2006.

SGrimes_Pic03    In 2006, Shenae saw her big break when she took the role of Darcy Edwards in the hugely popular Canadian teen drama, “Degrassi:  The Next Generation”.  This edition of “Degrassi” is a continuation of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s hits “Degrassi High” and “Degrassi Junior High”.  This new iteration is notable for having huge fans in Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob), and giving a start to mainstream talents like actresses Nina Dobrev and Cassie Steele, as well as rapper Drake (Aubrey Graham).

SGrimes_Pic04    Shenae continued on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” until 2008, while also continuing to perform the occasional guest role.  2008 saw her next big move when she became Annie Wilson in the “90210” reboot.

SGrimes_Pic02    During her 5-year run on “90210”, Shenae continued to ‘multi-task’.  She directed her own cinematic short, “Myself and I” (the inspiration for one of her tattoos), had a cameo in “Scream 4” (which could have been titled, “Scream: The Next Generation” for consistency’s sake), and starred in the films “Sugar” and “Empire State”.  In that time, Shenae also managed to get married to musician Josh Beech.

SGrimes_Pic06    Shenae has made no secret of her love of body art.  For years on the red carpet, she has worn revealing dresses that show off the script tattoo on her right rib cage that reads “Myself and I” (the title of her cinematic short).

SGrimes_Tat02SGrimes_Tat03More recently, she has been spotted at the beach with what appears to be an adorable heart with Celtic knots on the back of her left thigh (there is another tattoo just above it, but I have not been able to get a clear photo of it).

SGrimes_Tat04SGrimes_Tat05    Shenae has gotten also gotten inked on her left wrist (a popular feminine location).  It is Japanese characters that read “Keep Calm”.

SGrimes_Tat07    She has also embraced the popular trend of behind the ear tattoos by getting a design of Peter Pan’s hat behind her left ear.  It is a reminder to her to stay young and not take life too seriously.  She got it as a memorial to a close friend who passed away.

SGrimes_Tat01SGrimes_Tat06You can get more info and photos of Shenae at her fan web site:


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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Hayley Williams

It’s inconceivable that I have almost reached 80 posts in my tattoo blog without featuring my favorite punk princess, Hayley Williams.

The fiery-haired lead singer of Paramore with the fiery personality was always destined to get inked, and she sure has a lot of them.  As of this posting, she has 9 tattoos and, unlike my previous features with Jordan Hinson and Janel Parrish, I have been able to find pictures of all them.

As a teenager, she started Paramore with brothers Zac and Josh Farro, as well as Jeremy Davis.  After some early recordings, and making certain that the record label didn’t try to turn her into a solo pop princess, Hayley struck it big with her bandmates in 2007 with the release of “Riot!”.  That album saw the release of several Top 40 singles, such as “Misery Business”, “crushcrushcrush”, and “That’s What You Get”, causing the band to viewed as one of the true finds of 2007 and making Williams the new ‘It Girl’ of the music industry.

In 2008, they got more exposure with their song “Decode” being used as the theme song for the first of the “Twilight” films (I won’t hold that against them).  As the band’s profile continued to rise, so did Hayley’s.  It 2010, she became a solo standout with her collaboration on the song “Airplanes” with B.O.B. (which failed to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 only because of a little Eminem/Rihanna song called “Love the Way You Lie”… you may have heard of it).

Late in 2010, the Farro brothers left Paramore under some controversy.  Each side had a different opinion on what took place.  But, in truth, it was really the result of young people having the kinds of falling out that young people have.  The band is preparing for its next album sometime in 2012.

Now, on to the REAL reason to feature Hayley…. Her tattoos :-D.  As mentioned earlier, she has 9 tattoos (although, I wouldn’t put it past her to have added some since I began drafting this post).  Now, when someone gets this many tattoos, some of them just aren’t going to be as appealing as others.  In Hayley’s case, some of her ink has just left me scratching my head while the others are very visually pleasing.

One of the first tattoos noticed on Hayley was this colorful flower and razor design on her ankle with the banner saying “shave” on it.  Hayley said she did this to remind herself to shave her legs.  It’s a foolish, youthful tattoo…. but, it’s also colorful and humorous.  So, I’m cool with it.

A little later, she added a patched heart design on the same ankle, beneath the razor:

Another one of Hayley’s earlier tattoos was a commemoration of her and her band’s time on the Van’s Warped Tour.  Behind her left ear, she has a thundercloud with a lightning strike and “WARPED” written above it.  It’s a cute little design:

Hayley did get a tribute to her strong Christian faith by putting a solid black cross on her right thigh.  I’m not a fan of this one simply because of the design and placement.  I think a cross works better elsewhere (like a side of the leg or on an arm).  I also think choosing a design other than solid black would have been better.  She could have simplified it with a just a cross outline, or embellished with more intricate work (Once again, just my opinion on its aesthetics, that’s all):

Hayley then got a little heart on her right wrist, followed closely be a three-barred design to represent the unity of the three current members of Paramore:

On the same arm, she then got the only one of her nine tattoos that I truly don’t like.  It’s the phrase “accentuate the positive.  eliminate the negative” (Ironic saying, given my opinion on it).  I have no objection to the saying.  It’s just that the tattoo, itself, looks like a messy, childlike scribling.  I have no doubt that was what Hayley was going for, but it I just don’t think it looks good:

Now we will follow my least favorite Hayley tattoo with the one I absolutely love.  Along her left side, she got this beautiful floral tattoo done.  The lines are nice, the design is stunning, and the color really stands out.  In addition to being a beautiful design, it also has a nice meaning.  According to Hayley, the three different flowers represent her and her younger sisters, “each unique, yet still growing together”:

Then, there is one of her most recent ones, a lightning bolt near her left elbow with the letters TCB surrounding it.  The letters stand for Elvis Presley’s motto “Takin’ Care of Business”.  I also included a picture of her having it done (which, as you all know, is a preference of mine):

You can follow Hayley and her band from their official website:

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