Hottie Ink Update (250th Feature Edition!): Jennifer Stone


    It has been awhile since I last posted a feature on ‘New 2 Tats’.  It has been one of those situations where the job can sometimes get in the way of a hobby (or ‘labor of love’, as I have long referred to this blog).  I think a great celebrity to help get the ball rolling again is Jennifer Stone.

JenStone_Update_Pic02   It has been absolutely no secret that one of the all-time favorites here at “New 2 Tats” is Selena Gomez (a former child star who, despite the pressures of growing up in the harsh spotlight of fame… made even stronger by her former high profile relationship with Justin Bieber…. has managed to stay fairly grounded….   and she has a great love of body art).

JenStone_Update_Pic01    However, Selena’s fellow child star, and co-star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Jennifer Stone is fast becoming another big favorite.  While her post-“Wizards” career has been quieter than Selena’s, one only needs to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see she’s making moves and enjoying life.  One can also see exactly how much her love of tattoos has grown.

JenStone_Update_Pic03    When I first published a feature on Jennifer, she just had one widely-known tattoo (though, I gather, she had already acquired others at that point).  That first tattoo of her’s was not a tiny, hard to see design.  She went bold with the bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 just beneath her shoulders.  She first showed it off elegantly on the red carpet in a gorgeous black dress.


    Jennifer now finds herself spending time working on many different endeavors, including modeling and music, while still keeping and ear to ground for the next good acting opportunity.  She recently participated in a Project Mermaids photo shoot, an environmental charity where many celebrities pose in mermaid outfits to help bring awareness and raise funds for protecting beaches and oceans.

JenStone_Update_Pic04     Jennifer also uses social media show the fun she is having in life, such as when running a race, or going skydiving.



    One of the more prominent tattoos that is seen on Jennifer is an Italian phrase circling her left wrist (I do not have the translation).



Jennifer also has another foreign phrase running along the inside of her right wrist.



   During her Project Mermaids photo shoot, she showed off what appears to a be a gorgeous piece of body art on her torso.  Available photos have not been able to show a clear depiction of the design, but it looks stunning.


  Jennifer’s most recent turn under the tattoo needle is an old-style pocket watch design, which includes the phrase ‘Made in Texas’ on one half (she was born there), and a quote by Tennessee Williams from his ‘Catastrophe of Success’ essay on the other half.  A later photo of Jennifer with friends at the beach shows this design appears on her right thigh (the photo also shows another script tattoo underneath her left breast).




    The boldness and enthusiasm with which Jennifer approaches body art all but guarantees we will be treated to more stunning tattoos from her in the future.  I can tell from following her on social media that she is going to have some entertaining projects coming up in the future as well.

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(Photo Credits:  Unless otherwise specified, all photos are courtesy of Jennifer’s Instagram account)


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Rookie Blue Edition): Missy Peregrym


Missy Peregrym is a gorgeous Canadian actress who is currently getting good notices for performance as Officer Andy McNally in the crime drama, “Rookie Blue”.  The Toronto based series (which has been described as a “Grey’s Anatomy” for rookie cops) has just entered its fifth season and has received many nominations for Canadian drama awards, including one for Peregrym.


Before “Rookie Blue”, Missy was probably best known for her debut big screen role, as rebellious gymnast Haley Graham in the 2006 late spring hit “Stick It”.  Starring alongside Jeff Bridges and Vanessa Lengies (of “American Dreams” fame), Missy plays an elite-level gymnast who has to battle a domineering mother, a nightmare coach and legal troubles to try and win a gymnastics invitational that will help her win a college scholarship.  The film proved to be a minor hit just before the summer blockbuster season, and it gave Missy her first real mainstream notices.

(Credit:  Dennis Van Tine /Landov)

(Credit: Dennis Van Tine /Landov)

Before Missy’s acting career began in 2002, she was born and raised in Canada (Born in Montreal, raised in British Columbia).  A self-described tomboy, she played soccer growing up and developed a strong affinity for snowboarding in her free time.  When she turned 18, she started modeling.  Among the campaigns she participated in were ones for Mercedes Benz, Sprint and the Olympics.  At age 20, she got her first acting role in a guest appearance in the Jessica Alba sci-fi drama “Dark Angel”.


Missy’s time modeling, and her brief appearance on “Dark Angel”, lead to her getting another guest role on the “Chris Isaak Show” and then getting her first lead role, on the WB martial arts show “Black Sash” (which lasted only 8 episodes).  She followed up with more guest roles in shows like “Jake 2.0” and “Smallville” while also having a small part in the Heidi Fleiss biopic “Call Me”.


In 2004, Missy scored another long-term role in the teen drama “Life As We Know It”.  It lasted a full season on ABC (and was notable for giving Kelly Osbourne her first non-reality tv role).  The next step for Missy was the humorous show “Reaper” on the CW.  For that show’s two season run, Missy played Andi Prendergast, the girlfriend of Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) who has a secret job working as a bounty hunter for the Devil (played by Ray Wise).  She also had a multiple episode arc on “Heroes” before landing her current success with “Rookie Blue”.


In her personal life, Missy is involved in philanthropic efforts.  In 2006, she partnered with TOMS shoes, a company known for providing free, safe shoes to impoverished communities.  Just this past summer, Missy also made an industry love match when she married “Chuck” star, Zachary Levi.


(Credit: E! Entertainment)

In a recent romantic scene in “Rookie Blue”, a torso tattoo was visible on Missy.  A look at some of her other photo shoots show that it was not just something for her show’s character.  It was, in fact, a real tattoo of her’s.  Missy has been somewhat private about her body art.  So, I have not been able to determine what it says.  However, her are a few photos that show it.




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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Nikita” Edition): Maggie Q


The very stunning Maggie Q has been redefining fierce females roles since she started acting over a decade and a half ago.  Known best for her performance on CW spy series “Nikita” (the second television series based on the popular French film “La Femme Nikita”), Maggie has been steadily building a strong acting presence over the past decade or so.

MaggieQ_Pic02Born in Hawaii to an Irish/Polish father and Vietnamese mother, Margaret Quigley (Maggie’s full name) was very athletic student at Mililani High School, as she was active in cross-country, swimming and track & field.  She had intended to go study veterinary science in college.  However, even with an athletic scholarship, the finances were still not there to pursue that goal.  So, the girl who was voted “Best Body” in high school took a stab a modeling.

MaggieQ_Pic03   At the age of 17, Maggie went overseas to begin her modeling career.  She started in a Tokyo and made a stop in Taipei before finding the most success in Hong Kong.  In was in Hong Kong where she first caught the attention of Jackie Chan.  It wasn’t just Q’s beauty that put her on Chan’s radar.  It was the potential he saw in her becoming a top notch star for the strenuous type of action films Chan is noted for.  Despite not having any martial arts whatsoever, Maggie threw herself into an intensive training regimen that made all the difference.


The payoff was Maggie getting a role in blockbuster film “Rush Hour 2”.  She also got roles in Hong Kong cinema actioners “Gen-Y Cops” and “Naked Weapon”.  Her affiliation with Jackie Chan also got her a part in Chan’s 2004 remake of “Around the World in 80 Days.”


The 2006-2007, Maggie got her first real big time exposure as an action star and leading lady.  She starred as Zhen Lei, a member of Ethan Hunt’s Impossible Missions Force in “Mission Impossible III”.  She then portrayed the fierce second-in-command/love interest to arch-villain, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) in the surprisingly decent “Live Free or Die Hard”.  She also got to venture into the comedy realm with “Balls of Fury”.


Most recently, Maggie just completed her lead role on the well-received “Nikita”.  After finishing this signature performance, she jumped right into the lead of the new CBS crime drama, “Stalker” (where she stars alongside former “The Practice” heartthrob, Dylan McDermott).  She also has a major role as Tori Wu in the blockbuster film trilogy, “Divergent”.


One that thing that Maggie enjoyed about starring in “Nikita” was that she no longer needed to conceal her tattoos for a role.  Maggie’s most noticeable tattoo is a stunning large phoenix on her left hip.  For Maggie, it represents her struggle to grow and succeed in her chosen path; to rise from where she started to something more spectacular (quite an accurate metaphor).

(Credit:  CW)

(Credit: CW)




As you can see from the last picture, she also has a scripted phrase running along side her left torso (alas, I cannot find out its meaning).  Maggie also has a design of Asian characters on her left forearm and what appears to be Sanskrit on her right forearm.  However, I have not be able to find out their meaning either.





(credit: sina)


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Hottie Ink Update (Big Mama Stef Edition): Stefanie Dolson

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic01   2014 has been a big year for ‘Big Mama Stef’ (Stefanie Dolson’s alias).  When I wrote my first feature on Stefanie, she had just led the Connecticut Huskies to their second straight National Championship in basketball over Notre Dame.  Less than a week later, she was selected #6 overall in the WNBA Draft by the Washington Mystics (and joined a little later by her teammate, Seattle Storm #7 pick, Bria Hartley, who was immediately traded to Washington).

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic02    A little later that summer, she joined her teammates from both UConn Men’s and Women’s championship squads at the White House to be honored by President Barack Obama.  Visits to the White House seem to always be an adventure for Stefanie.  After the 2013 title, she humorously gave President Obama a set of bunny ears.  In 2014, she found the stand behind the President a little too crowded and fell off.  She quickly recovered and, while turning bright red, had a good laugh about it with Obama.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic03     Once the WNBA season started, Stefanie proved to be a strong player off the bench, averaging 6 points per game and helping lead the Mystics to the playoffs.  The highlight of her season is was a triple-overtime game against Los Angeles Sparks, where she recorded her first career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds).  After the Mystics were eliminated, Stefanie began extensively traveling as part of USA Basketball, gaining many new friends and chronicling the experience on social media.

StefDolsonUpdate_Pic04    2014 also showed off Stefanie’s growing love of body art, as she added two more to her collection.  No one can ever say that Stefanie does not put a lot of thought and consideration into her tattoos.  Her first two, which I covered in her first feature, were stars on her foot that she got along with her sisters and a Fleur-de-lis on her ankle to commemorate the 2013 National Championship, which UConn won in New Orleans.

Not wanting to play favorites with her National Championships, Stefanie got the Roman Numerals ‘IV-VIII-MMXIV’ etched on her left forearm.  This is for April 8th, 2014, the day UConn defeated Notre Dame to win the 2014 National Championship.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat01    Sadly, Stefanie experienced the loss of her grandma over the summer.  Stefanie used tattoos as a touching way to express how important she was to her.

StefDolsonUpdate_Tat02   It is really refreshing to have a such a fun-loving (and ink-loving) person like Big Mama Stef as a part of the D.C. sports scene.  Hopefully, she will be here for a long time and help bring the Mystics the same kind of glory as the Huskies.

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Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Girl Code Edition): Carly Aquilino

CarlyAq_Pic07    Perhaps you have watched MTV lately and come across a show featuring a woman with bright red hair, an incredible half-sleeve tattoo, and an interesting view on the battle of the sexes.  That woman would be comedian Carly Aquilino and the show is “Girl Code”

CarlyAq_Pic03    MTV had originally run a comedy show called “Guy Code” that was play on the noted, but unwritten, ‘man laws’ regarding the code of conduct among guys (hilariously portrayed in a series of Miller Lite commercials several years earlier).  Of course, the success of “Guy Code” made it clear that a companion series for the ladies would be needed.  So, MTV rounded up a group top-notch female comedians and launched “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic04     Carly had been a stand-up comedian for about a year before “Girl Code” came along.  The native New Yorker made the bold step to grab the mic at the Gotham Comedy Club.  The rest, they say, is history.  It has been a bright red history among some of the more entertaining comedians around.

CarlyAq_Pic05    As you can see, Carly hasn’t always looked like Hayley Williams’ more devilish cousin.  She says the red hair happened when she worked as a shampoo girl at a local hair salon.  One day, she was messing around with the different hair colors and stumbled across the bright red hue.  She loved it and has gone with it ever since.  She was 18 when she discovered that style.  So, with it having been a part of who she was for so long, she didn’t realize how much of a distinctive trademark it was until people started noticing it, and positively commenting on it, because of “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic06     If you follow Carly on Twitter or Instagram (whose links will be posted below), you find she is naturally funny (in a great sarcastic manner).  You will usually find her hanging out with her partner-in-crime, and fellow “Girl Code” comedian, Jessimae Peluso, and behaving naughtily with another “Girl Code-r”, Nicole Byer.  While Carly met most of the comedians on “Girl Code”, she Jessimae were friends from the comedy circuit before then.

CarlyAq_Pic02     It’s still early in Carly’s career, but “Girl Code” has been picked up for a third season.  Her popularity on that show, and on the stand-up circuit, will keep her stature growing.

CarlyAq_Pic01     One thing that is quite clear about Carly is how much she loves tattoos.  Her most noticeable one is her very colorful, and exquisitely designed, half sleeve on her left arm.  In an interview with Inked Magazine, she described how it started out just as lotus flower and then grew into a much more profound design.  I love this tattoo, so quite of a few images of it are going to be shown below.


Carly posing with her fellow inked BFF, Jessimae Peluso



In this photo, Carly shows a series of star the run from her hip up her right side (she said she got her first tattoo, which read “La Vita e Bella” on her hip at age 14.  Her parents were actually pretty cool with it).  You can also see a little design of some kind just underneath her armpit.

CarlyAq_Tat07CarlyAq_Tat06     Proving that ink is a family passion, Carly’s most recent tattoo is a little wishbone along her left wrist, tattooed on by her brother, Michael.  Michael is an aspiring tattoo artist who has just opened his own studio.

CarlyAq_Tat10Carly has no official website, but you can follow her on Twitter:

and Instagram:

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (UFC 175 Edition): Alexis Davis

(credit:  Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

(credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

If people wanted to (and I’m sure there are some who do), they could chide UFC president, Dana White’s, introduction of a women’s division as a ratings ploy and nothing more.  To do so would be woefully inaccurate.  For years, White resisted letting women fight in the top Mixed Martial Arts division for precisely that reason.  However, with growing success of female fighters like Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate and Alexis Davis, he was able to add these fighters to the UFC roster in a way that had valid legitimacy, rather than looking like a stunt.

AlexisDavis_Pic07     One major achievement in the women’s division occurred in UFC 170, when Ronda Rousey’s title bout against Sara McMann was the headlining fight of the promotion.  Now, as we approach UFC 175, Alexis Davis is getting her shot at taking the title from Rousey (It should be noted that this will also be the 4th UFC appearance for each).


Alexis and her mother

Davis has been inspired to be a fighter from her earliest days.  As a child, Alexis was captivated by the elaborate martial arts athleticism of actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  It would come as no surprise that Alexis grappled on her high school wrestling team.  As a teen, she got involved in martial arts.  When she turned 18, she started training in Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


posing with fans

Once she was in her early 20’s, Davis started the process of climbing the rungs in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.  In 2007, she lost her debut fight in the UCW promotion to Sarah Kaufman (another fighter who would later appear in UFC).  These early years saw Alexis fight her way through a variety of different, lower-level promotions (like TKO, ECC, FFF and RW).  During this time, she racked up an impressive 9-4 record.

AlexisDavis_Pic04    2011 saw Alexis jump up to the next tier in the MMA world.  She began fighting in higher profile promotions like Strikeforce and Invicta.  At this level, Davis achieved a 4-1 record.  Alas, her lone defeat came at the hands, once again, of Sarah Kaufman (I predict Dana White will want to bring these two together in the Octagon for UFC at some point).  During this time, Mixed Martial Arts provided not only professional success, but personal fulfillment as well.  In 2012, she met Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, Flavio Meier.  In the course of their training together, they fell in love and, a year later, got married in Meier’s native Rio De Janeiro.

AlexisDavis_Pic02    In early 2013, Davis became one of first group of women fighters to sign with UFC (Rousey being the first from the previous November).  Thus far, it has been nothing but success for Davis.  She grabbed unanimous decisions against Rosi Sexton and Liz Carmouche before taking a well-fought split decision win against Jessica Eye in UFC 170 (the same event that Rousey-McMann headlined).  While UFC 175 will have gone into the history books by the time most of you read this article, regardless of the winner, it is providing another great showcase for the compelling women’s division in UFC.

AlexisDavis_Pic01   Athletes, in general, and fighters, in particular, love getting body art.  Alexis Davis is no different.  She has a couple of very large, visually impressive tattoos on her body.  One is black-and-white unicorn design on her lower left torso.  The other is an elaborately colorful floral design running across her shoulders.


(credit:  Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

(credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

AlexisDavis_Tat03AlexisDavis_Tat01You can find more about Alexis’ fighting profile here:

And, as always, you can find her on Twitter at:


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Country Starlet Edition): Kacey Musgraves

KaceyMus_Pic05    Texas girl, Kacey Musgraves, has certainly been living a charmed life in recent years.  The young country singer has made a big splash on the music charts and looks to be a force for years to come.

KaceyMus_Pic03Saying that music has been Musgraves’ life is not an exaggeration.  She has been writing songs since she was just 8 years old.  Her beginning on string instruments was with the mandolin.  At age 12, she began taking guitar lessons.

kaceymus_pic02As Kacey got older, she paid her dues the way many aspiring musicians do, by building a reputation and following by performing at a variety of music festivals.  When she turned 18, she officially started in the country music industry by recording demos to make money.  She appeared in country music talent show “Nashville Star” in 2007, but only finished 7th (an significant oversight on their part).

KaceyMus_Pic01Doing the grunt work began showing results for Kacey in 2008.  She signed with the independent label, Triple Pop, and recorded a few songs that are available in digital EP format.  Eventually, Kacey got her first big break in when she joined Lady Antebellum (and “New 2 Tats” cutie, Hillary Scott, on tour in the United Kingdom.

KaceyMus_Pic04After touring the UK, Kacey signed with a major label, Mercury Records, and began working on her first big album.  That debut, “Same Trailer Different Park” set the country music charts on fire.  It reached #1 on the Billboard Country Music Chart, and reached #2 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart (all genres are covered here).  Singles from that album, such as “Follow Your Arrow” and “Merry Go ‘Round” got into the top 20 of the Billboard Country Music singles charts.

KaceyMus_Pic06In addition to her popular success, the awards shows confirmed her critical success.  In 2013, she was nominated for 6 CMA (Country Music Association) awards, winning for ‘New Artist of the Year’.  She followed that with a stunning collection in 2014.  She won two Grammy Awards (one for ‘Best Country Song’ and one for ‘Best Country Album’).  She then scored with ‘Album of the Year’ (in both the artist and producer categories) at the prestigious Academy of Country Music Awards show.  Kacey is going to be a major player for quite some time.


Kacey, with one of her idols, the legendary Willie Nelson

In addition to scoring big in the trophy category at the 2014 Grammy Awards, Kacey also used that forum to announce her love of body art.  Wearing a gorgeous dress that had sheer sides and back, she revealed a very pretty tattoo of an anchor surrounded by yellow roses on her right torso.

KaceyMus_Tat03KaceyMus_Tat02KaceyMus_Tat01You can find out more about Kacey on her official website:

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