Hottie Ink Update (250th Feature Edition!): Jennifer Stone


    It has been awhile since I last posted a feature on ‘New 2 Tats’.  It has been one of those situations where the job can sometimes get in the way of a hobby (or ‘labor of love’, as I have long referred to this blog).  I think a great celebrity to help get the ball rolling again is Jennifer Stone.

JenStone_Update_Pic02   It has been absolutely no secret that one of the all-time favorites here at “New 2 Tats” is Selena Gomez (a former child star who, despite the pressures of growing up in the harsh spotlight of fame… made even stronger by her former high profile relationship with Justin Bieber…. has managed to stay fairly grounded….   and she has a great love of body art).

JenStone_Update_Pic01    However, Selena’s fellow child star, and co-star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”, Jennifer Stone is fast becoming another big favorite.  While her post-“Wizards” career has been quieter than Selena’s, one only needs to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see she’s making moves and enjoying life.  One can also see exactly how much her love of tattoos has grown.

JenStone_Update_Pic03    When I first published a feature on Jennifer, she just had one widely-known tattoo (though, I gather, she had already acquired others at that point).  That first tattoo of her’s was not a tiny, hard to see design.  She went bold with the bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1 just beneath her shoulders.  She first showed it off elegantly on the red carpet in a gorgeous black dress.


    Jennifer now finds herself spending time working on many different endeavors, including modeling and music, while still keeping and ear to ground for the next good acting opportunity.  She recently participated in a Project Mermaids photo shoot, an environmental charity where many celebrities pose in mermaid outfits to help bring awareness and raise funds for protecting beaches and oceans.

JenStone_Update_Pic04     Jennifer also uses social media show the fun she is having in life, such as when running a race, or going skydiving.



    One of the more prominent tattoos that is seen on Jennifer is an Italian phrase circling her left wrist (I do not have the translation).



Jennifer also has another foreign phrase running along the inside of her right wrist.



   During her Project Mermaids photo shoot, she showed off what appears to a be a gorgeous piece of body art on her torso.  Available photos have not been able to show a clear depiction of the design, but it looks stunning.


  Jennifer’s most recent turn under the tattoo needle is an old-style pocket watch design, which includes the phrase ‘Made in Texas’ on one half (she was born there), and a quote by Tennessee Williams from his ‘Catastrophe of Success’ essay on the other half.  A later photo of Jennifer with friends at the beach shows this design appears on her right thigh (the photo also shows another script tattoo underneath her left breast).




    The boldness and enthusiasm with which Jennifer approaches body art all but guarantees we will be treated to more stunning tattoos from her in the future.  I can tell from following her on social media that she is going to have some entertaining projects coming up in the future as well.

You can follow Jennifer on her social media accounts here:



(Photo Credits:  Unless otherwise specified, all photos are courtesy of Jennifer’s Instagram account)


Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Surfer Girl Edition): Kelia Moniz

KMoniz_Pic03   Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a surfer in Hawaii (and they all seem to live in Hawaii).  It seems so calm and peaceful.  To be able to spend your days with the sand between your toes and taking on some righteous waves seems positively zen.  However, unless you are independently wealthy from an inheritance or Powerball win, living that life does require quite a bit of effort.

KMoniz_Pic02    Kelia Moniz is the another in a long line of female surfers (I have already featured Coco Ho) who go after that dream life with a commitment and devotion that people usually don’t put forth in other walks of life.  Sure, surfing carries the appeal of sun, sand and waves.  But, dedication and professionalism is what makes that life succeed.  Kelia lives that life because she puts that effort forth all the time.


(credit: Ryan Heywood)

Kelia has grown up in the tropical paradise of the Hawaii.  The Asian-Irish beauty found her first waves at the age of 5.  She grew up in a household of brothers who also love to surf.  Oh, and just as a side note, her father was a former professional surfer.  So, it can easily be said that sun and saltwater are in Kelia’s blood.

ASP World Surfing Awards

Kelia showing off her hardware

Kelia’s commitment to her craft has already yielded quite a bit of success.  At just 21 years of age, Kelia just recently captured her second straight world title in the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).

KMoniz_Pic05KMoniz_Pic04     In addition to being an incredibly accomplished surfer, Kelia is a highly sought after model.  Her stunning beauty, with her healthy body image athletic physique, make her a natural in front of the camera.  (That wondrous smile doesn’t hurt, either 😉  ).


Chilling with Selena Gomez.

Kelia is right at home on the surfboard, as well as in full makeup on camera.  Her appeal has the potential to make her an athletic, and pop culture, superstar in the coming years.  It’s a sure bet that her surfing titles with grow well beyond the two she has so far.

(credit:  Christa Renee)

(credit: Christa Renee)

It goes without saying that, even with her athletic accomplishments and natural beauty, Kelia would not be featured here if it wasn’t for her appreciation of body art.  At the current time, she has been spotted with two small tattoos.

Kelia’s first tattoo in a small heart on the outside of her right wrist (not unlike the one British singer Foxes has)


KMoniz_Tat01Her other tattoo is the Roman numeral VII (7) on her left forearm.  I don’t know its significance, but it is definitely cute.

KMoniz_Tat02    I suspect we will see more ink from Kelia over time.  She seems to like tattoos; they are popular in the surfing community; and Kelia’s Irish heritage gives her a wealth of wonderful designs to choose from.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kelia, check these sites:

Official website:











Hottie Ink Update (R.I.P. Mona Edition): Janel Parrish gets Cool New Ink


Janel, enjoy champagne with boyfriend, Payson Lewis

Janel Parrish, of “Pretty Little Liars” fame, is already well known for her love of body art.  When I did my first feature on Janel, over two years ago, she already had 11 tattoos!  Since then, I have run two more features (second one and third one) as she has added to her collection of tasteful and attractive tattoos.  Now a couple new designs have appeared, which Janel proudly shows off on Instagram.  It’s time to feature those, as well.

2014 has shown continued growth of Janel’s stardom.  On social media, Janel is always shown having fun and developing quite a reputation as a fashion icon.  In addition, as “Pretty Little Liars”‘ popularity grows, so does Janel’s.  Even though this recent 5th season mid-season finale showed the demise of her character, Mona Vanderwaal, Janel will be continuing on the show in flashbacks.  I also suspect will be seeing many more projects from her in the near future (such as her upcoming appearance as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars”).


Don’t mess with Payson and Janel!

Now, for Janel’s new ink.  There have been two cool new designs that have appeared.  The first is a treble clef on her left wrist.

JanelP_BirdTat_Tat01    Janel’s other new tattoo is an adorable flock of birds on her right forearm.

JanelP_BirdTat_Tat03JanelP_BirdTat_Tat02As always, catch Janel on Twitter at:

She is on Instagram at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Dark Angel” Edition): Jessica Alba

JAlba_Pic03     It was only a matter of time before I got around to doing a tattoo feature on one of the sexiest ladies on Hollywood.  Known for an eclectic acting career on both television and silver screen, Jessica Alba has been a staple of celebrity magazines and websites (including being a regular on Maxim’s “Hot 100” list).  She has managed to all this while achieving the rare goal of leading a normal, low-key life.

JAlba_Pic02    Alba has been in front of the camera since she was barely in her teens.  Her first role was a bit part in the 1994 teen comedy, “Camp Nowhere”.  It had a who’s who of young talent, but the movie went ‘nowhere’.  Hardly dissuaded by that, Jessica quickly started building her resume on the small screen.  She had a guest role on a few episodes of Nickelodeon’s “The Secret World of Alex Mack” before getting her first lead role during the 4-season run of “Flipper” (a remake of the popular 1960’s series).

JAlba_Pic04    Around the time “Flipper” went off the air, Jessica got some guest roles on shows like “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Love Boat: The Next Wave” (one of a series of forgettable late 90’s attempts to launch sequels to popular series from the 70’s and 80’s).  1999 was the start of her mainstream rise.  She starred in two popular teen flicks:  “Never Been Kissed” (alongside Drew Barrymore) and horror-comedy flick “Idle Hands”.

JAlba_Pic06    From that point forward, Jessica’s star really shone bright.  In 2000, she starred in the James Cameron-produced cult hit, “Dark Angel”.  She played Max Guevara, a genetically-enhanced super-soldier trying to rebuild her family and survive in post-apocalyptic Seattle.  A strong first season could not sustain it through a mediocre second season, leading to its cancellation.  During this period, she dated (and was briefly engaged to) co-star Michael Weatherly (who now plays Anthony DiNozzo on “NCIS”), a relationship that ended in 2003.

JAlba_Pic07    Jessica’s next big move was playing the role of Sue Storm in the big-screen, big-budget “Fantastic Four” films (the original and “Rise of the Silver Surfer”).  While these films were box-office successes, their critical (and overall fan reception) was lukewarm.  This property is not controlled by Marvel, so it did not benefit from the superhero film rebirth courtesy of Marvel studios.  The same year “Fantastic Four” was released, 2005, also saw her score the role of Nancy Callahan in the iconic film “Sin City”, based on Frank Miller’s popular graphic novel.

JAlba_Pic01    After her run mid-decade, Alba’s career started slowing down.  She was in box-office failures like “Love Guru” (which has all but ended Mike Myers’ career) and “Little Fockers”, as well as under-the-radar, minor hits like “Machete” and the fourth “Spy Kids” movie.  She also had a role in the IFC parody of the epic 80’s soap opera mini-series, titled “The Spoils of Babylon”.  The slowdown in her career is not due to lack of box-office appeal.  It has more to do with her relishing her new role as mother to two daughters (with husband Cash Warren).  Of course, just this past month, she returned to the big screen for the “Sin City” sequel “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”.

JAlba_Pic05    Jessica, like much of Young Hollywood, does have a liking of body art.  One of her more recognizable ones is a Sanskrit design on her right wrist.  It means lotus flower.


Jessica doing her awesome Bond Girl impersonation

JAlba_Tat02JAlba_Tat04JAlba_Tat06   Jessica also has a quirky little bow on her lower back, frequently visible when she’s bending over to attend to one of her girls.

JAlba_Tat01    Her final tattoo is on the back of her neck.  It is a ladybug design within a daisy.  She got that as part of a family bonding experience with her mother and aunt.  They each got a ladybug in a different place on their body.

JAlba_Tat05You can get more details on Jessica at this fan site:

You can also follow her on Twitter at:

She can be found on Instagram at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Vanessa Ferlito

VFerlito_Pic02    My first introduction to actress Vanessa Ferlito occurred during the third season of Keifer Sutherland’s magnum opus, “24”.  Vanessa portrayed Claudia Hernandez, the reluctant girlfriend of Hector Salazar (Vincent Laresca), a Mexican drug lord with access to deadly virus that Jack Bauer (Sutherland) has gone undercover to stop.  She was very good in this role and she displayed her real life love of body art.

VFerlito_Pic01   Vanessa (who is of Italian descent, but known mostly for playing Latina roles) had a difficult early childhood.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, she suffered the loss of her father to a heroin overdose when she was just two years old.  Fortunately, she had a strong support system with her mother and, when her mother remarried, her stepfather, who raised her while also running a Brooklyn hair salon.

VFerlito_Pic06    Vanessa made her acting debut in 2002, staring in the sexual comedy “On_Line”, where she portrayed one of the stars of an adult webcam site.  It received viewings at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.  Vanessa soon got other small roles in shows like “Third Watch”, “Law & Order” and the Edward Norton film “25th Hour”.

VFerlito_Pic03    2003-2004 was Vanessa’s breakthrough period.  She had her major role in “24”.  She also had a cameo on the “Sopranos” and “CSI: Miami”, while also being in the summer blockbuster “Spiderman 2”.

VFerlito_Pic07    The next years saw her as one of the stars in the murder-comedy (yes, you read that right), “Man of the House” (starring Tommy Lee Jones).  She also parlayed her guest spot on “CSI: Miami” into a regular role on its spinoff “CSI: NY”.  Most notable during this time was her performance as Arlene in Quentin Tarantino’s ode to 70’s pulp films, “Grindhouse” (She was in the segment “Death Proof”).

VFerlito_Pic05   She scored roles in some more major theatrical releases, such as “Julie and Julia” and “Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps” before making a move back to the small screen for a significant lead role.  She stars in the USA drama “Graceland”.  In it, she portrays FBI agent ‘Charlie’ DeMarco, one of several undercover law enforcement officers lodging together while they work major cases.  Already in its second season, we should be seeing more of Vanessa for the foreseeable future.

VFerlito_Pic04    Vanessa’s role in “24” showed she has an appreciation of body art.  A dream catcher could be seen on her left shoulder.  This was not for the role.  It was her real life tattoo.


On her left wrist, she has a tribute to her late father with ‘Dad’ and a star inscribed.


Vanessa also appears to have a design of a spade or an apple on her right wrist.


On the back of her left bicep, she has an unknown design.

VFerlito_Tat05    Finally, on her right bicep, she has the date ‘9-21-07’ inscribed, for the birth date of her son, Vince.


I could not locate any official, or fan, websites for Vanessa.  I was not able to find a verified Twitter account for her either.

However, Vanessa seems to have a presence on Instagram:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Swimsuit Edition…..Edition): Jessica Gomes

JGomes_Pic05    The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has always been one of the most popular publications released.  While courting some controversy due to the Swimsuit Edition’s very existence, it has also been a “who’s who” of the modeling industry.  Famous names such as Cheryl Tiegs, Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks and Marissa Miller have graced the cover in past years.  Sports Illustrated has also featured wonderful athletes such as Jennie Finch, Clair Bidez and Maria Sharapova.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In addition to the famous names that Sports Illustrated gets to be on the cover, the magazine also has a series of regular models who appear each year in this edition.  One of the more notable models from recent years has been the Australian-born hottie, Jessica Gomes.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In 2008, Jessica made her debut on the pages of the Swimsuit Edition as a group on new models known as the ‘rookies’.  Her exotic look (she is of Portuguese-Chinese heritage) struck a chord with subscribers and the SI editors.  Starting with her debut, Jessica has appeared in every annual issue since.


Jessica Gomes palling around with fellow inked Aussie hottie, Jessica Mauboy.

While the exact location of this Australian’s birth is subject to some dispute (both Perth and Sydney have been cited), Jessica did grow up in the rural settings of the province of Western Australia.  When she turned 13, her mother saw fit to enroll Jessica in modeling classes at the Linda-Ann Modeling Academy near Perth.  Soon, she entered a modeling contest and her career took off from there.


In 2004, Gomes was signed by the prestigious world-wide modeling agency, IMG Models.  While the runways of Paris and Milan would seem to be the likely destination for a top model, Jessica has chosen to focus her work in a variety of Asian markets.  She is very popular in South Korea, where she did campaigns for Hyundai and LG Phones, and appeared on their version of “Dancing with the Stars” (she finished 3rd).  In print work, Jessica has appeared in Vogue, Glamour and Victoria’s Secret (in addition to her notable work for Sports Illustrated).  Jessica has even been the covergirl for Maxim magazine.


In addition to some of her more conventional modeling work, Jessica’s popularity in the hip-hop community has led to other opportunities for publicity.  She has been the voice that announces Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group at the start of everyone of their songs, and she has been mentioned in a song by Kanye.  She is also the face of the Diddy’s perfume collaboration with Estee’ Lauder, called “Unforgivable” by Sean John.

    On top of breaking through ceiling for multi-racial models (which, unfortunately, still exists), Jessica is also a representative for the growing acceptance of body art.  Even though some photo sets still airbrush her tattoos out of the pictures, more are starting to let Jessica proudly show off her body art.  She has the word “Love” inscribed on her right wrist.  On the outer part of her left forearm she has her parents’ names inscribed.

JGomes_Tat04JGomes_Tat01JGomes_Tat03JGomes_Tat02JGomes_Tat05You can find out more about Jessica on her official website:

For your social media fix, go here:



Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Girl Code Edition): Carly Aquilino

CarlyAq_Pic07    Perhaps you have watched MTV lately and come across a show featuring a woman with bright red hair, an incredible half-sleeve tattoo, and an interesting view on the battle of the sexes.  That woman would be comedian Carly Aquilino and the show is “Girl Code”

CarlyAq_Pic03    MTV had originally run a comedy show called “Guy Code” that was play on the noted, but unwritten, ‘man laws’ regarding the code of conduct among guys (hilariously portrayed in a series of Miller Lite commercials several years earlier).  Of course, the success of “Guy Code” made it clear that a companion series for the ladies would be needed.  So, MTV rounded up a group top-notch female comedians and launched “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic04     Carly had been a stand-up comedian for about a year before “Girl Code” came along.  The native New Yorker made the bold step to grab the mic at the Gotham Comedy Club.  The rest, they say, is history.  It has been a bright red history among some of the more entertaining comedians around.

CarlyAq_Pic05    As you can see, Carly hasn’t always looked like Hayley Williams’ more devilish cousin.  She says the red hair happened when she worked as a shampoo girl at a local hair salon.  One day, she was messing around with the different hair colors and stumbled across the bright red hue.  She loved it and has gone with it ever since.  She was 18 when she discovered that style.  So, with it having been a part of who she was for so long, she didn’t realize how much of a distinctive trademark it was until people started noticing it, and positively commenting on it, because of “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic06     If you follow Carly on Twitter or Instagram (whose links will be posted below), you find she is naturally funny (in a great sarcastic manner).  You will usually find her hanging out with her partner-in-crime, and fellow “Girl Code” comedian, Jessimae Peluso, and behaving naughtily with another “Girl Code-r”, Nicole Byer.  While Carly met most of the comedians on “Girl Code”, she Jessimae were friends from the comedy circuit before then.

CarlyAq_Pic02     It’s still early in Carly’s career, but “Girl Code” has been picked up for a third season.  Her popularity on that show, and on the stand-up circuit, will keep her stature growing.

CarlyAq_Pic01     One thing that is quite clear about Carly is how much she loves tattoos.  Her most noticeable one is her very colorful, and exquisitely designed, half sleeve on her left arm.  In an interview with Inked Magazine, she described how it started out just as lotus flower and then grew into a much more profound design.  I love this tattoo, so quite of a few images of it are going to be shown below.


Carly posing with her fellow inked BFF, Jessimae Peluso



In this photo, Carly shows a series of star the run from her hip up her right side (she said she got her first tattoo, which read “La Vita e Bella” on her hip at age 14.  Her parents were actually pretty cool with it).  You can also see a little design of some kind just underneath her armpit.

CarlyAq_Tat07CarlyAq_Tat06     Proving that ink is a family passion, Carly’s most recent tattoo is a little wishbone along her left wrist, tattooed on by her brother, Michael.  Michael is an aspiring tattoo artist who has just opened his own studio.

CarlyAq_Tat10Carly has no official website, but you can follow her on Twitter:

and Instagram: